Curtain fabric, weaving warm bedroom

Curtains are an embellishment of our living space and an important indicator that determines the style of the room and the taste of the homeowner’s life, so when choosing How to choose curtain fabrics? This requires consideration of many aspects, such as the color of the curtain, the style of the curtain, and the function of the curtain.

Curtain fabric is a cotton product as the main raw material. Strong sense of texture, for example, in this rendering, the color is chosen to echo the earth color of the bedroom, which can echo the walls in the bedroom, and because of the cotton material, it is not easy to penetrate sunlight, so that people who rest in the bedroom Everyone can have a good sleep quality.

Using printing as the entire style of the curtains, Printing individual styles on plain cotton can highlight the rich and delicate patterns of the curtains. Since the color of the entire bedroom is light-colored, the curtains are also designed to match the bedroom well. Use a color that is close to the color of the bedroom as the color of the pattern. It makes the whole space reflect a warm and romantic atmosphere.

Ordinary bedroom curtains are made of two-layer fabrics. With a light and thin layer, the sun can shine in the winter sun, and if a thick second layer is added, it can be illuminated in summer. A very good effect of blocking sunlight, and thick curtains also have the effect of sound insulation. This rendering uses such a method, so that you can get a good sleep quality while sleeping peacefully, and experience the unique warmth and Romantic.
Are the above three bedroom curtains the effect you want? Curtain fabric is one of the main means to create a warm and romantic bedroom. If you want to get a warm If you are living in your own room, come and choose a curtain you like!

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