How to choose curtains? What are the styles of curtains?

Attention should be paid to every detail of the interior decoration, especially for the interior accessories decoration, you should choose some matching styles and types. So it is also very important when choosing curtains. When it is enough to buy curtains, you will find that there are many styles of curtains. How to choose curtains? What are the styles of curtains?

How to choose curtains

1. Curtains and walls 1. The furniture should try to avoid similar tones. For example, the walls are in yellowish tones, and the curtains are also in beige and apricot yellow. The walls are dark green, and the curtains are medium green. Although the color is uniform, it feels cold.

2. For dark north-facing rooms, neutral and cool tones are suitable, with an elegant atmosphere; for sunny rooms with better lighting, choose millet red or yellow Curtains, in order to adjust the strong light into soft astigmatism, coordinate yin and yang.

3. Do not use pink curtains as much as possible. occur.

4. The curtains in the living room should have some color elements, and the patterns should be more solemn and atmospheric! Light gray, light coffee and other light tone colors.

5. You can also use high-brightness colored fabrics to match curtains and sofas, making them the highlight of the entire living room. The style will be lively. Avoid using dark tones in the living room, as it will be extremely disproportionate to the pale pink walls.

What are the styles of curtains?

1. Flat pull Mode. This is a common curtain style. This style is relatively monotonous, without any decoration, random in size, easy to hang and lift, suitable for small windows, and generally used for windows in kitchens and bathrooms. It is divided into one side flat pull type and double side flat pull type.  

2. Cushion type. This form is also very common. It can be decorated with a bow in the middle of the curtain. The curtain can be lifted to one side or to both sides to form a soft arc, which is beautiful. There are many users of this style of curtain.  

3. Curtain style. This style is more complicated, but the decorative effect is better. It can cover the rough curtain rod and the distance between the top of the curtain and the roof, making the interior more neat and beautiful.  

4. Lifting type (lifting type). This kind of curtain can be lifted up and down according to the intensity of the light. When the sunlight only shines on half of the window, the suspended curtain will not affect the lighting, but also can shade the sun. This style is suitable for windows with a width of less than 1.5 meters.  

5. Tension window fixed. This kind of curtain is put on two curtain rails up and down respectively, and then the curtain rail is fixed on the window frame. It can be stretched flat, or tied in the middle with ribbons or bowknots. This style is suitable for bathrooms or toilets.

Through the introduction above, I believe you already know how to choose curtains, and also know the styles of curtains. After you understand these , When choosing materials, you can choose some more suitable styles and styles.

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