Are sunshade curtains okay? How to choose blackout curtains for bedroom?

Curtains are very important decorations for our home, especially in summer, because it is a relatively hot skill in the year, we will install a curtain in the bedroom, and the curtain is also There can be privacy. Now there are many types of curtains. For example, sunshade curtains are a kind of curtains that everyone likes. So, let’s talk about sunshade curtains, shall we? How to choose blackout curtains for bedroom? Hope it can help you all.

How about sunshade curtains?

1. Most places are suitable for shading The requirements for curtains have not only increased, but the new type of shading and windproof roller blinds is simple and clean, natural and environmentally friendly, energy-saving and beautiful, convenient and practical, wind-resistant and shock-proof, and can be completely shaded without edge seams. Curved curtain, perfect insect repellent and easy to clean.

2. Features: There is no side rail and cover, this product is a standard roller blind form, and is widely installed at a reasonable price. It is not suitable for places that require complete shading and wind, because it does not have rails and covers. Can be used in large spaces with 200mm tubes.

3. Application fields: This product has been widely used in Shinkansen, luxury buses, various sports venues, office buildings, meeting rooms, precision equipment workshops, dust-free factories, modern homes, etc.

How to choose bedroom blackout curtains

1. The ultraviolet rays are very strong in summer , the bedroom will become extremely stuffy under the strong sunlight. Therefore, we should choose a curtain with strong light-shielding properties, which can be made of cotton or flocking fabric. The curtain made of this kind of material is easy to wash and replace, and is suitable for bedroom use. Blackout curtains can effectively block the outdoor sunlight, so you can rest comfortably even during the day. In addition, too much light is not needed in the study and dining room, and shutters can be used to adjust the light.

2. Curtains are an indispensable soft furnishing product for the bedroom. An exquisite blackout curtain can improve the grade of the living room and create a good living room atmosphere. Don’t choose curtains with too dark a color, as it will make us feel depressed after a long time, but too bright a color is not good, it will cause visual fatigue and make people feel irritable. In fact, you can choose natural and fresh colors such as light green and light blue, which can make us feel happy; if you are prone to insomnia, you can try to choose red and black curtains, which will help you fall asleep as soon as possible.

3. The bedroom area of each person’s home is different, so the size of the windows is also different. The curtain area you choose must be large enough to achieve the effect of shading. The length of the curtain should be determined according to the specific situation of the window. Floor-to-ceiling windows and long-frame windows need to use floor-to-ceiling curtains; windows with a window sill higher than the floor can use floor-to-ceiling curtains or curtains that are flush with the window sill; larger windows should choose curtains that are wider than the window opening, so as to achieve visual balance. . Therefore, before purchasing curtains, you should ask the merchant to measure the size, and then customize according to the measured size.

4. City life is very noisy, so when choosing blackout curtains, you should also consider its effect of blocking noise, so as to ensure our sleep quality. Generally, it is better to choose flocking, cotton, hemp, and texture. The thicker the curtain, the better the sound absorption effect, and the curtain with good texture can reduce the external noise by 10%-20%.

The above introduces the relevant knowledge about sunshade curtains and how to choose bedroom blackout curtains. After reading this article, what do you think of sunshade curtains? I believe everyone should have an answer in their hearts, and now many people choose sunshade curtains when choosing curtains, because this allows us to have a good rest, and this kind of curtain is also more energy-saving and beautiful. I hope the above introduction can be Help everyone.

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