What is the installation method of European curtains? What are the tips for choosing European curtains?

Curtains play a very important role in home life. Curtains can make home life more beautiful and beautiful, and can also protect home furnishing. So now every family will install curtains after decoration. But do you know how to install curtains? Next, the editor will introduce to you what is the installation method of European curtains? What are the tips for choosing European curtains?

What is the installation method of European curtains?

1. Thread the rope of the lifting curtain with a series of loops, and then fix the rope to a loop on the bottom edge, and the loops are flush in the horizontal direction. If necessary, sew a jacket at the level of the ring and attach the wire.

2. Sew a pleated ribbon on the bottom of it.

3. Decorate the lifting rope with glass beads.

4. Glue the black ribbon between the wallpaper and the ceiling with double-sided tape.

5. Matters needing attention: Roman blinds pay attention to the whole and symmetry, so pay special attention to the problem of thread, don’t have broken thread, and don’t let the thread get entangled. It should pay attention to its high symmetry requirement. length.

What are the tips for purchasing European-style curtains?

1. Material selection of European-style curtains

The raw materials of European-style curtains mainly come from cotton, flocking, satin, polyester, blended, hemp, etc., and are made of different materials European-style curtains have different tastes. When choosing European-style curtains, a very important selection basis is the material of the curtain itself. If you want to install European-style curtain fabric styles in the living room or bedroom, you can choose thicker materials that can bring a strong sense of drape, such as curtains made of cotton, flocking and other materials. European-style curtains made of these materials have strong light-shielding properties and can effectively protect the privacy of the room.

Second, the color choice of European-style curtains

Even for European-style curtains of the same shape, different colors can create completely different feelings. Therefore, when choosing European-style curtains, it is also very important to pay attention to the matching of its color with the furniture in the living room, such as the color matching of sofas and curtains. If the furniture you have purchased is darker in color, it is better to choose European-style curtains of the same dark color; and if it is white furniture, choose light-colored or patterned European-style curtains to better match the European-style furniture. Effect.

Through the introduction of the above article, everyone should have a clear understanding of European curtains. The method of installing European curtains is the same as that of ordinary curtains. Generally speaking, the purchase of curtains generally includes installation, so you don’t need to worry about curtain installation. However, it is good to know some curtain installation methods properly.

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