6 key points for home decoration curtains to make the finishing touch

Curtains are one of the important soft decorations in the home. Curtains of different styles and colors can create different decorative effects. Therefore, if the owner wants to achieve a good decoration effect in the home, he must You can’t ignore the purchase of curtains. What you need to know is that there are 6 key points in choosing curtains for home decoration. You must master these points before purchasing.

Introduction to the 6 main points of home improvement curtains:

1. The material of the curtains

Generally speaking, the living room, bedroom and study room can choose curtains of the same material. Material curtains, such as nylon silk, tulle, and mesh, are covered with heavy curtains, such as corduroy, woolen, and gold velvet, so that the curtains can be easily changed according to the season and weather.

Second, the color of the curtains

It is best to choose bright colors for the living room and study room curtains, this color will make people feel comfortable. The spirit is uplifting, easy to create a lively atmosphere, which is conducive to talking with friends and residents’ work and study; in the bedroom, it is best to choose warm-toned curtains, this color is easy to create a warm atmosphere, which is conducive to people’s rest and sleep.

Third, the quality of the curtain

After selecting the material and color of the curtain, what the owners need to do is to check the quality of the curtain, which requires Owners check the characteristics of various fabrics before purchasing. When purchasing, check whether the curtain fabric you choose meets the characteristics of the fabric you have seen before. If it does, you can pay for it.

Fourth, the size of the curtain

The size of the curtain is not simply as long as it can cover the window. If the length of the curtain is smaller than the width, it will not have a good decorative effect. Generally speaking, if the length of the curtain is larger than the width, it looks better. If the window area is large, the owner can hang several curtains on the large window. A long thin curtain will look better than a large wide curtain.

Five, choose the curtain rod to match the decoration style

The choice of curtain rod is mainly the choice of color and style. Match the curtain rods of different colors according to the main color of the home decoration and curtain fabrics. In addition, the selected curtain rods should match the overall style, so that the overall color beauty of the room is coordinated. For example, most people’s homes are now mainly in a simple style, and it is advisable to choose curtain rods with popular colors and simple shapes (for example: black, white, silver, mahogany, walnut, and log).

6. Matters needing attention when purchasing curtains

1. Some curtains have high requirements for measurement accuracy. Measurements will be taken after the tabletop laying is complete.

2. There is very little dust generated during the installation of the curtains, and users do not need to worry about the cleaning problems caused by the installation. Considering the cleanliness of the curtain fabric, the timing of curtain installation should be selected after the room decoration is completed. However, considering that the design and production of curtains will take a certain amount of time, in order to be able to move in in time and comfortably, it is best to order about 15 days in advance.

3. The color of the window screen is lighter, but the perspective is too strong. You can add a layer of base fabric behind the window screen. Depending on your needs, you can do it together or separately.

4. The price of double curtain rods is lower, so if you only choose window screens, you can put the two layers of cloth together and hang a single rod, which saves costs and does not affect the appearance.

5. When calculating the total amount, be sure to confirm with the merchant whether all the required fabrics, accessories, tracks, etc. have been counted, otherwise after paying the deposit, it is possible that some things will be undercounted phone.

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