Curtain punching size chart What fabric is good for home curtains

Curtains are an indispensable soft decoration for home decoration. There are many styles and materials of curtains on the market. I believe most owners are picky. Not only that, but the size of the hole in the curtain is also a key issue. When purchasing curtains, many owners do not know the size of the hole in the curtain. So, what is the size of the hole in the curtain? What kind of fabric is good for household curtains?

Curtain perforation size chart

If the width is 3.52m, both ends One each, each circle is 9 cm, and then deduct 18 cm from the total length, leaving 3.34 meters, multiplied by 1 meter and 6 circles, and finally equals 20 circles, which must be divided by an odd number to get an even number, and then from any end Start to measure 17.58 centimeters at nine centimeters, the more accurate the better.

What kind of fabric is good for household curtains

1. Cotton and linen


Cotton and linen curtains are made of plant fibers, no harmful substances to the human body, good air permeability and strong heat dissipation, so it is not easy to breed mold, soft and comfortable to the touch, cotton and linen fabrics have no static electricity, It is not easy to deform and pilling. The bad thing is that it lacks elasticity, and it is easy to wrinkle and fade after washing. The luster of cotton and linen curtains is relatively soft, and the color is relatively simple and close to nature.

2. Polyester

This kind of curtain has relatively high strength and good elasticity. The current technology can imitate natural cotton and linen materials very well, and it is better than cotton and linen Anti-wrinkle, no need to iron after washing, low moisture absorption, fast drying after washing, not easy to deform, not easy to fade, no harmful substances, it feels cool to the touch, the bad thing is that the air permeability is relatively poor, and it is also Not easy to stain.

3. Nylon

Abrasion resistance is the best in all fabrics, 20 times the abrasion resistance of pure wool fabrics, 4 times the abrasion resistance of polyester fabrics, elastic and elastic The resilience is also very good, but you can’t pull it hard, it’s easy to deform and wrinkle. In addition, this kind of fabric is also very light, with good moisture absorption performance, but it’s not heat-resistant, light-resistant, and prone to static electricity. Very good, pay attention to the usual cleaning and ironing Chinese medicine to avoid damage.

4. Flannel curtains

Flannel curtains feel very comfortable to the touch, relatively soft, and flannel curtains are a bit heavy, so they have a strong drape and are not easy to fade , this kind of curtain is very thick, has good sound-absorbing effect, and has good shading performance. In summer, it can isolate the heat outside the window, and in winter, it can prevent the indoor heat from being emitted to the outside, and has good heat preservation.

5. Sheer curtain

The sheer curtain is very elegant, looks beautiful, and has good moisture absorption. This kind of curtain is not good at shading, and it is easy to fade and shrink , Wrinkles, although the shading performance is not good, but it can play an excessive role in adjusting the light, otherwise the light is either too bright or too dark, and the sound is very small when it is usually used.

The above content is the interpretation of the general size of the curtain punching size table and the choice of fabrics for household curtains. I believe it can help you. It can be found that curtains of different materials have different advantages, so it is recommended that you compare and observe more when purchasing curtains. Only in this way can you buy suitable curtains.

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