Smart people are now choosing curtains like this, it looks so good!

Curtains are an indispensable item in home life. There are classifications and overviews of curtain materials and control methods on the Internet. of. Generally, when the owners go to buy curtains, they will be fooled by the merchants. There are so many curtains specifically for the material, type, and matching of the curtains. How should we choose? Today, the editor will tell you how to choose curtains?

Before we talk about how to choose and buy, let’s briefly understand the curtains. Curtains are made of six main materials: cloth, bamboo, reed, hemp, yarn and PV. The editor’s home is decorated with cloth curtains and gauze curtains, which are super fairy and super beautiful! In addition to materials, curtains also have lengths. We can choose floor-to-ceiling curtains and short curtains according to the specific space location.

One: Choose according to the size of the space

Curtains of different colors can give people Bring different spatial effects. For example, light-colored curtains not only look simple and warm, but also make the space generous and bright, which is very suitable for a slightly smaller space. The dark curtains will give people a sense of calm and atmosphere, which is more suitable for larger rooms.

Two: the folds should be appropriate

Businessmen generally recommend 2 times or more of the width when purchasing, the reason is that when the curtains are opened, the folds The layering of more styles will be very obvious and more beautiful. There is some truth to this statement, but if you blindly pursue more wrinkles, it is very unnecessary. Increasing wrinkles means that the price will increase, which is not cost-effective economically, and it will not achieve very surprising effects in terms of aesthetics.

Generally speaking, thinner and lighter curtains can increase the amount of folds appropriately, and the width can be 2.5 times or 3 times, and the width of 2 times the width of ordinary thickness is enough. You can also consider flat curtains without wrinkles. Not only are the fabrics more economical, but they can also be made into fresh styles such as roller blinds and Roman blinds.

Three: Determine the number of layers according to the demand

Most of the styles in the curtain market today are double layers of one layer of fabric curtains and one layer of gauze curtains Matching, merchants generally say that gauze curtains are not only beautiful, but also can protect privacy without affecting lighting. But not all places need double-layer curtains. In addition to using double-layer curtains in places with strong privacy such as bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms and other places actually only need to choose thicker fabrics to block sunlight.

Four: Choose environmentally friendly materials

The more environmentally friendly the curtain material, the better. When buying curtains, you can choose products from large manufacturers. To ensure that, secondly, touch the fabric to see if it is soft and smooth, and see if the color and texture are regular and layered. If it is really difficult to grasp, you can also judge by looking at the label. Generally, fabrics with more natural materials are more environmentally friendly.

Five: How to choose curtains?

1. Style and color

Like other soft furnishing collocations, you should consider the overall effect of the room when purchasing, and also consider whether the design, color, pattern and environment are coordinated. You can also choose styles according to the season.

1. Style: For modern minimalist style, you can choose solid color fabric curtains; for neoclassical style, you can choose lace drape and curly patterns; for pastoral style, you can choose fabric curtains with floral or other natural element patterns.

2. Season: In spring, you can use light and thin floral curtains, and you can also choose common colors in nature such as pearl color or coral pink; in hot summer, you should choose silk curtains or soft gauze curtains to achieve the effect of visual cooling; autumn It is the harvest season, the curtain material can be made of cotton or linen, and the pattern can be printed or plain; in winter, the climate is cold, so we should avoid using cold colors, we can choose thick and warm curtain material.

2. Size and Style

Floor-to-ceiling curtains can be used in the living room, dining room, bedroom and study room. Traditional fabrics and sheer curtains are suitable for living room, dining room and study room. Blackout fabrics should be used in the bedroom curtains. Compared with floor-to-ceiling curtains, short curtains are more suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. It is recommended to use waterproof materials such as PV, such as venetian blinds or roller blinds, for easy cleaning in the future.

The selection skills of curtains are introduced here. Only the curtains selected according to your actual situation are the best. Appropriate. I hope my sharing can help you all.

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