Which is better, curtain rods or slides? Type of curtain track?

It brings a lot of troubles, whether to choose the curtain rod or the slideway, because my house always wants to decorate it to be satisfactory and comfortable, some people blindly think that the curtain rod is good, some People also think that slides are more convenient. I think it is still based on personal preference. Next, I will introduce the good and bad of each.

1. Which is better, curtain rod or slideway

Curtain rods and slides, which one do you choose to press the curtains?

Advantages of curtain slides:

The advantage is that the single-track slides can be made into corners or curves ( If the curtains are curved or fan-shaped), the sealing of the curtains is better (in winter in the north, it can well block the phenomenon of air leakage).          

Curtain rod: It is one or two bright rods (also known as Roman rods). The appearance is more beautiful. Now there are various kinds of poles on the market, and the diversification of materials and styles gives owners more room to choose, especially the various shapes of the pole heads.

Curtain slideway: It is a single-track or double-track grooved slideway. There are only white materials, and there are good and bad materials. There is no choice. Advantages and disadvantages of curtain rods: the advantages are beautiful appearance, more optional styles, convenient installation, and low overall budget (just the money for the rod).

Second, the type of curtain track

Household curtain track is an accessory used to hang curtains, facilitate the opening and closing of curtains, and increase the beauty of curtains; There are many kinds of tracks, which are generally divided into bright tracks and dark tracks. Bright tracks include wooden poles, steel pipe poles, etc., dark tracks include aluminum alloy tracks, silent tracks, etc. The serpentine curtain track that has emerged in recent years is popular in Europe, Taiwan and other regions. .

1. Curtain track with box

If there is a curtain box in the home soft decoration, you can choose an ordinary type and moderately priced curtain track, because it is covered by the curtain box Affect the appearance, and the fastness is high, and it is easy to pull when used. If the selected curtain material is relatively heavy (such as: cotton and linen curtains, double-layer craft curtains), you need to choose a track with better load-bearing capacity, such as: a large curtain on a European-style curtain, you can add male and female buckles or curtain rails during production ;

2. No box curtain track

There is no curtain box, that is, the exposed curtain track. It is recommended to buy Roman poles or wrought iron poles. The appearance is gorgeous, and the materials are mostly wood and Metal, the price is generally higher than ordinary curtain rails, and the smoothness is not very good. If the curtains in the home are thick, it is recommended not to buy them, as they will easily cause the curtain rods to bend; Very thick to choose from. Precautions for purchasing household curtain tracks: Regardless of whether they contain boxes or no boxes, both practicability and aesthetics need to be considered when purchasing. Load capacity.

Curtain rod and slideway, which one do you choose? What you like is not necessarily suitable. After reading this article, have you changed your previous opinion? I think it’s not just about the curtain rod. You should make all the preparations before you buy the product, so that you can Get the right product.

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