Which fabric is better for curtains? How to choose curtains?

The curtains are more eye-catching in our room, and our choice of curtains also reflects the taste and interest of the owner. Therefore, when we choose curtains, in addition to considering the decorative function, we must also consider its material and other issues, so that we can choose comfortable products. So let’s introduce what kind of fabric is good for curtains? How to choose curtains?

Which fabric is better for curtains

1. When purchasing curtains, not only must consider its decorative properties, but also consider the impact of curtain materials on people’s lives. The texture of curtains is preferably flocking, cotton, linen.

2. Generally speaking, the thicker the curtain, the better the sound absorption effect. For a comfortable nap during the day, choose a blackout curtain for your bedroom, preferably in cotton or flocking.

3. And the study, restaurant generally does not need too strong light, you can choose shutters to adjust the light. Or choose gauze curtains, because of their strong decoration, they can enhance the sense of depth in the room and have good light transmission.

4. In winter, curtains need to consider the issue of heat preservation. Flocking curtains have thick fabrics and better warmth retention.

5. Satin and flocking curtains are fine in texture, luxurious and gorgeous, and have good shading and sound insulation effects, but the price is relatively high.

6. Some wooden curtains use adhesives, which are likely to cause indoor pollution. Those with children, the elderly or pregnant women at home should choose them carefully.

How to choose curtains

1. Determine what you will be using your curtains for, whether for privacy, glare protection, added warmth, or simply for decoration.

2. The size of the curtains is determined according to the needs, and the length of the curtains should be slightly longer than that of the window sill, so as to avoid the wind from lifting the curtains and revealing them to the outside. The width of the curtains depends on the width of the window, and it must be coordinated with the size of the wall. Narrower windows should choose wider curtains to block the excess walls on both sides. There is also whether the curtains are pleated or double-layered, which depends on each person’s preference.

3. Curtain patterns should not be trivial. There are mainly two types of curtain fabric patterns, namely: abstract (also called geometric shapes), such as square, circle, stripes and other shapes, and natural material patterns (such as animals, plants, landscapes, etc.) .

4. When choosing a curtain pattern, you should generally pay attention to it. The curtain pattern should not be too trivial, and the effect after pleating should be considered. The curtain pattern should not be inclined, otherwise it will give people a sense of inclination. Tall rooms should choose horizontal patterns.

What we have introduced above is about which fabric is better for curtains? How to choose curtains related issues, we should have some understanding of these issues. When purchasing curtains, we should pay attention to its material problems, and there are some related precautions. We understand these related contents, which is very beneficial for us to purchase curtains.

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