Which curtains have the best blackout effect

Actually, when we are at home during the day, we definitely don’t like the bedroom to be like a black hole. Therefore, the semi-transparent blackout curtain fabric is a category that people choose more. Today I have sorted out some information about the blackout curtain fabric, and explained the knowledge of the blackout curtain fabric in detail. Hope it will be helpful for your home improvement.            
1. Blackout curtain fabric – product introduction

Speaking of this blackout curtain fabric, then we must Let’s take a look at the fabric of this blackout curtain fabric. There are usually three types of blackout curtains, light-transmitting blackout curtains, semi-transparent blackout curtains and opaque blackout curtains. Blackout curtain fabric, as the name suggests, is a curtain fabric with shading effect. The production process of blackout curtain fabric is to design and process some decorative fabrics, and then make blackout curtain fabric. The most important function of blackout curtains is to shade, and also has some decorative functions.

Second, blackout curtain fabric classification
Now let’s take a look at the blackout curtain fabrics, shall we? First, printed blackout curtain fabric: printed blackout curtain fabric It is to print some colored patterns and patterns on the plain fabric, which is characterized by richness and gorgeousness; second, dyeing blackout curtain fabric: its method is also to dye all kinds of fabrics on the fabric. Single color, this kind of blackout curtain fabric looks more plain; third, yarn-dyed blackout curtain fabric: first, it is dyed separately, and then interlaced dyeing, which is characterized by a three-dimensional appearance; fourth, jacquard blackout curtain fabric : It is a combination of two different processes of jacquard and printing.

Third, blackout curtain fabric – which one is better?

There are many types of blackout curtain fabric, so which kind of blackout curtain fabric is better? In fact, blackout curtain fabric The choice of curtain fabric is relative, and it is still necessary to choose the blackout curtain fabric according to its actual use, because when considering which kind of blackout curtain fabric is good, it still needs to be matched with your own decoration. For the classical decoration style, this kind of room decoration is mostly solid wood, so blackout curtain fabrics such as jacquard and yarn-dyed fabrics are more suitable. When decorating and matching panel furniture, you can choose printed blackout curtain fabrics. For modern style decoration, you can choose silk and some metallic fabric blackout curtains.

Fourth, blackout curtains-purchasing skills

It is reasonable to place the blackout curtain fabric anywhere. When purchasing, you should first consider the use of blackout curtains, whether in the bathroom and kitchen, or in the living room and dining room. For blackout curtain fabrics in bathrooms and kitchens, you should choose blackout fabrics that are more resistant to dirt and easy to clean; and for blackout curtain fabrics in living rooms and restaurants, you can choose blackout curtain fabrics that are more decorative. So for the bedroom, the fabric should be thicker, so as to protect privacy. Like the blackout curtains used in the study, you should choose some blackout curtains with slightly better light transmission.

In fact, the selection of blackout curtain fabrics is also very particular, and it is not uniform. Blackout curtains have good drape, good air permeability, and good shading effect. If I feel comfortable using it, others will also feel that the master is a very tasteful person. Alright, let’s stop here. .

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