How to hang curtains with a wire How to install curtains

In fact, decoration involves a lot of things, including buying furniture later, so when installing curtains, most people will choose to install them by themselves. Professionals need to pay professional fees for installation. Therefore, we need to take a look at the steps of how to hang curtains with a wire. Secondly, we will learn more about the methods of curtain installation.

How to hang curtains with a wire

You can buy some curtain clips Small clips, there is a small ring on the clip, put those small rings into the wire, and then use the clip already on the wire to clamp the curtain. The wire and the curtain are connected by the small clip, which has a small ring on it. The clips are generally sold in supermarkets or 2 yuan stores.

When installing curtains, you need to pay attention to the fact that the curtains are equipped with many small accessories, such as drapes, gauze curtains, window rails, etc. These are important accessories for curtains, and they are indispensable. Many owners will paste the wallpaper first and then install the track. In this way, it is easy to stain the wallpaper when installing the track, and it will be difficult to repair after punching the wrong hole. Therefore, the track should be installed first and then the wallpaper. In this way, the wrong holes can be covered by the wallpaper without affecting the appearance.

How to install curtains

1. Straight hanging method This method is the most common method of installing curtains. This method is the simplest and is commonly used in bedrooms, bathrooms and other places. The specific installation method is: the whole curtain can be presented through the perforation and the collar. This kind of very simple installation can be done by yourself, and you don’t need to spend money to ask others to install it, which saves the decoration budget.

2. Decorative curtain head curtain hanging method Usually, when installing double-layer curtains in the living room, a decorative method will be adopted. The decorative curtain head hanging method is the choice of many families, and this method is also very practical: one is to use a decorative curtain head, which can be hung on the wall by directly inserting the curtain rod into the top box without using pulleys; It is more suitable for some small windows. Curtains can also use patterns such as I-shaped pleats and manual pleats to show the characteristics of different home spaces.

Curtains are used in every family. There are many styles on the market, so each style corresponds to a different method. Then, the article has already told everyone What are the steps of how to hang curtains with a wire? In this case, you can hang them directly according to the steps given above. Moreover, you also know the methods of curtain installation in the article, and you can choose any method.

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