When I came to my friend’s house and saw such curtains, it was so beautiful that I couldn’t walk

Everyone of us will have curtains installed in the grave. In the past, we may only pay attention to the practicality of curtains, but now the taste of life has improved, so we do not only pay attention to the choice of curtains Its practicality, but also pays great attention to its aesthetics. If you choose the right curtains at home, it can also make your home beautiful. Do you believe it? Let’s take a look.

How to choose curtains

1. Choose color

We know that the color and pattern of curtains are also the focus of attention when choosing curtains. Generally speaking, curtains of different colors should be selected according to different areas. In the bedroom, you can choose thick and thick curtains in warm colors. We shape the bedroom into a warm and warm atmosphere, which is convenient for the owner to rest; in the living room and study room, you can choose bright and thin curtains to create a relaxed and lively atmosphere, which is convenient for the owner to communicate with. Friends talk and work.

2. Selection of materials

In fact, many homeowners choose the same material for living room, bedroom and study The curtains, in fact, there is nothing wrong with this. Points to note when we buy curtains: Some owners are thinking about the warmth of the curtains in winter and the coolness in summer, and worry about choosing thin or thick materials, so choose double-material curtains at this time. The inside and outside are respectively a layer of thin material and thick material, we can freely switch the curtains in winter and summer.

3. Selection quality

The quality of curtains is also a problem that owners should pay attention to when purchasing curtains , There is no special technique for this, it mainly depends on the feel, so it is generally better to choose curtains that feel soft to the touch, if the curtains feel too hard or knock your hands, you should be careful.

4. Choose the size

The size of the curtain is not simply based on whether it can cover the window To measure, we should consider the ratio of the height to the width of the curtain when purchasing curtains. Generally speaking, the ratio of height to width is slightly larger, and the decorative effect will be better.

Curtain matching tips

1 . Choice of curtain fabric texture

When we choose the texture of curtains, we should first consider the function of the room, such as bathrooms and kitchens, we should choose fabrics that are more practical and easy to wash, and the style should be simple smooth. The living room and dining room can choose luxurious and beautiful fabrics. The curtains in the bedroom are where we should be more concerned. It requires thick, warm and safe to ensure the privacy of life and the comfort of sleep. The study room curtains should have good light transmission performance, be bright, and use elegant colors, so that people can feel calm when they are in it, which is conducive to work and study.

2. The choice of curtain color

In fact, the color of the curtain should match the tone of the interior wall, floor and furnishings, so as to form a unified and harmonious environmental beauty. The walls are white or pale ivory, the furniture is yellow or gray, and the curtains should be orange. If the walls are light blue and the furniture is light yellow, the curtains should be in blue with a white background. The walls should be yellow or light yellow, the furniture should be purple, black or brown, and the curtains should be yellow or golden. If the walls are light lake green, the furniture is yellow, green or brown, it is better to choose medium green or grass green for the curtains.

3. Selection of curtain fabric patterns

We know that there are two main types of curtain fabric patterns, namely: abstract (also called geometric shapes), such as squares, circles, stripes and other shapes, and natural material form patterns ( Such as animals, plants, landscapes, etc.). Generally, when choosing a curtain pattern, you should pay attention to it. The curtain pattern should not be too trivial, and the effect after pleating should be considered. The curtain pattern should not be inclined, otherwise it will make people feel inclined, and the tall room should choose horizontal pattern.

What we have introduced above is about how to choose the curtains at home. In fact, we often encounter this problem, so everyone is very concerned about it. The importance of curtain selection can also affect the entire home environment, so we can refer to our introduction when purchasing, hoping to help you create a comfortable living room.

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