How to match the living room curtains with the sofa, choose the color of the living room curtains

We know that from the perspective of home design, color matching is an art. Only by using this art reasonably and skillfully can the whole room design reach a certain level. A harmonious and pleasing effect. Among the many pieces of furniture, sofas and curtains can be regarded as one of the furniture with strong plasticity. They can not only intuitively and visually display the overall home style, but how to match the curtains and sofas in the living room? What skills? Come and take a look with the editor.

How to match the living room curtains with the sofa   

1. Pure beige curtains and coffee-colored sofa   Pure beige curtains and coffee-colored sofa, matched with the light and thin background wall like lake green, set off the elegant feeling. Only when you get close can you see the coordination between the curtains and the sofa, and pillows such as light yellow, stripes, and checks can also be matched. When white reaches a certain level, perhaps there is no need to use any color matching, let the natural light shine through the clear lake water to set off the purity and beauty of the space. The feeling of freshness and comfort is always exuded from these white and light green.    

Second, light yellow curtains and pure beige sofa  It is to let us feel comfortable in an environment. The elegant beige sofa is matched with light yellow fabric curtains, supplemented by Southeast Asian style patterns, and the mix and match shows fashion.    

Third, lavender curtains and gray sofa  Gray European-style sofa has a noble feeling, but the fashionable living room needs more approachable gentleness and kindness, so gray and lavender are added Once in, a gentle, mysterious, elegant and unique living room space is formed. If you put a small pot of plants, it will make this living room even more different.

Color selection skills for living room curtains

1. The key is to coordinate the color matching with your psychological feeling and color preference, which makes people feel bad The color scheme is: red and green; blue and orange; red and blue; yellow and purple. These incongruities are reflected in the color matching of curtains and floors, curtains and furniture, curtains and bedspreads. If you choose to be careless and spend money to buy it, you will be uncomfortable and annoyed.

2. The walls and furniture are yellowish, and the curtains are beige and apricot yellow. Although this kind of color selection can achieve a harmonious overall beauty, if you stay in such a color-matched room for a long time and feel dizzy psychologically, it is more reasonable to choose other colors such as light blue and green. Another example is the light lake-colored wall, with medium-green curtains. The color is uniform, but it feels colder. If you use medium to light warm tones, there is no such problem, but the color contrast should not be too large.

3. After hanging a curtain of a different color and material for a period of time, if you feel uncomfortable or don’t like it, you should consider choosing another curtain to use alternately, and hang it often. It should be pointed out that when purchasing curtain colors and materials at this time, you should distinguish the different characteristics of the season from the previous paragraph. In summer, use thin, transparent and soft yarn or silk, preferably in light color, which is breathable and cool; in winter, it is advisable to use thick and fine flannelette, with warm and heavy colors, to highlight the thickness and warmth. In spring and autumn, thick ice silk, floral cloth, imitation silk, etc. are mainly used, and the color is preferably medium. And calico curtains are lively and lively, suitable for all seasons.    

In short, in the color matching of sofa and curtains in the living room, the sofa in cool colors should match the curtains in cool colors, which will make the whole room look quiet and solemn; The sofa will make the whole living room look lively and unrestrained. The above is some relevant information about the matching of living room curtains and sofas collected by the editor for you, hoping to bring you some help.

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