What kind of curtains are popular this year? What should be paid attention to when installing curtains?

Curtains are necessary soft decorations in decoration. In the past, curtains were mainly used to protect privacy, but now curtains are more of a decoration on the basis of the original role. There are different styles of curtains that are popular every year. When the curtains are installed, it does not mean that they can be installed as long as they are installed. There are many places that need attention. Today, let’s introduce what kind of curtains are popular this year? What should I pay attention to when installing curtains?

What kind of curtains are popular this year

The style of curtains is very Many, this year’s popular curtains include gauze curtains, blackout fabrics, Roman shades, cloth curtains, etc., each with its own characteristics.

1. Gauze curtain

Gauze curtain has a good gloss, and the color is also bright and luxurious. The fabric made of it is light and soft. Installing it at home can better create a Warm and romantic atmosphere.

2. Shading cloth

Shading cloth naturally plays a role in the sun-shading effect, but there are also semi-shading and full-shading, and the effect of protecting privacy is better. Blackout fabrics are divided into coated shade fabrics and fabric shade fabrics. If your home conditions permit, choose fabric shade fabrics as much as possible when purchasing shade fabric curtains. It is environmentally friendly. Coated shade fabrics contain toxic substances and are not recommended for purchase.

3. Roman blinds

Roman blinds are a kind of pull-up fabric curtains, which are different from traditional fabric curtains that open on both sides. Compared with other pull-up curtains, it is also special when pulled up. It has a layered sense of folds, which adds a sense of beauty to your windows. If you need to block the light, you can add a blackout cloth behind the Roman shade.

4. Cloth curtains

There are also many types of cloth curtains, such as silk fabrics, cotton, etc. The advantages of cotton are moisture absorption, good air permeability, and comfortable wearing, but cotton is easy to wrinkle , can not be dyed bright colors, easy to fade, aging fast, there will be a certain shrinkage after washing, and poor elasticity, poor resistance.

What to pay attention to when installing curtains

1. Position

If track curtains are installed, the track is mostly installed above the window frame. If it is an inward-opening window, it must be explained to the merchant in advance that the inward-opening window has a special narrow slideway, which will not affect the window opening.

2. Color matching

The choice of curtain color must be combined with the color of the wall and the color of the furniture. All these colors must be selected in the early stage of decoration, so that the matching will be more reasonable.

3. Full wall or small curtains

To determine whether you are installing full wall curtains or small curtains, there must be a basic principle. When the length is half of the length, choose to install the curtains of the full wall. If the walls on both sides of the window are smaller than the length of the window, it is also suitable for large curtains on the full wall. However, when the window is less than half of the position, choose small curtains.

What kind of curtains are the most popular this year? On the basis of protecting privacy, curtains are more of a decorative function, so we must choose suitable curtains. The above-mentioned models are popular models this year, and you can get a good understanding of them. What should I pay attention to when installing curtains? Installing curtains is a technical activity, and there are many details that need to be paid attention to, so everyone should know more about the relevant installation precautions, so as to ensure the correct installation of curtains.

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