Curtain box or Roman rod? How to choose curtain Roman rod?

Curtains are made of cloth, hemp, yarn, aluminum flakes, wood flakes, metal materials, etc., and have the functions of sunshade and heat insulation and adjusting indoor light. With the development of curtains, it has become an indispensable interior decoration that perfectly combines functionality and decoration. So, is the curtain box better or the Roman rod? How to choose the curtain Roman rod? Let’s take a look with the editor.

Curtain box or Roman rod

Personally, I think they are similar , each has its own advantages, it depends on which one you like, the advantage of using the slideway is that it is easier to pull, after all, there are pulleys inside, some people say that the slideway is easy to break, I disagree, you can buy good quality The slideway is of good quality and will not be damaged after many years of use. There is also a silent slideway, which is light and silent when pulled up. Of course, the price will be relatively high. If you use the slideway, you need to make a curtain if it is in the living room There is no need to make a curtain box if it is installed directly in the bedroom or study room next to the window.

How to choose curtain Roman rods

1. The wall thickness of curtain rods can prevent deformation: Generally, manufacturers often play tricks on materials in order to cut corners. The thinner the wall thickness, the smaller the load-bearing capacity of the pole, and the more prone to accidents during use in the future. It is recommended that the designer ask the salesperson more when choosing, or remove the decorative head (commonly known as the flower head) by himself, and see the essence through the phenomenon. Generally speaking, the thicker the better.

2. The selection of brackets is important: it is recommended to pay more attention to the selection of brackets for poles. Generally speaking, the contact surface between the bracket and the wall should be large, and it should be stable to hang up. In many cases, the installation workers try to be quick and save trouble, and irresponsibly put on the wall hastily, leaving many hidden dangers. It is recommended that designers try their best to invite workers from professional curtain rod manufacturers to come and install them, so that only such products and services can be guaranteed.

3. Don’t ignore hardware and craftsmanship: consumers are advised to remove the decorative head (commonly known as flower head) when purchasing, and observe its internal structure. Generally speaking, the thicker the better. To choose a strong material, durable products. Plastic products are easy to age; wooden products are easy to be corroded and cracked, and heavy curtain fabrics are easy to bend and feel heavy when they are hung for a long time; aluminum alloy products have a single color, and aluminum alloy sheathing is easy If the glue is removed, the load-bearing performance is poor and it is not resistant to friction; if the surface of iron products is not properly treated in the later stage, the paint will easily peel off; only pure stainless steel products are really the best among many materials, but they are expensive.

Curtain box or Roman rod? The Roman rod is suitable for floor-to-ceiling curtains, which is very stylish. However, you need to pay attention to choosing curtains with Roman rods: the color matching of the three major blocks of your home, walls, floors, and curtains. If these 3 colors are not well matched, it will be ugly. In addition, if the room is not large, try not to choose shocking colors or patterns.

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