What kind of curtains are good for the balcony? How to maintain the balcony curtains

For people who want to buy balcony curtains for home improvement, they are generally more concerned about what kind of curtains are good for the balcony, so that they can choose beautiful and practical balcony curtains based on their understanding. After purchasing the balcony curtains, people will want to know the maintenance methods of the balcony curtains, so that they can have a good maintenance of the balcony curtains with these methods. Since everyone is so interested in the information about balcony curtains, then the editor will introduce to you what kind of curtains to use on the balcony and how to maintain the balcony curtains.

What curtains are good for the balcony

1. The main color of the balcony curtains should be To adapt to the main color of the interior, complementary colors or similar colors are allowed, usually extreme contrast between warm and cold is a taboo; for modern design, you can choose plain color curtains, if it is elegant design, you can choose light grain For the pastoral style, you can choose small pattern curtains, while for luxurious design, you can choose plain or large flower curtains.

2. Regarding the choice of balcony curtain style, the curtain style of the general small room should be relatively simple, so as not to make the space appear narrower due to cumbersome curtains. As for the balcony curtains in a large living room, it is advisable to adopt a more generous, stylish and delicate style.

3. Balcony curtains should have anti-noise effect. When the continuous noise pollution in the room reaches 30 decibels, it will interfere with people’s normal sleep. Therefore, it is very important to choose a curtain with sound-absorbing effect, and the texture is preferably flocking, cotton, and linen. Generally speaking, the thicker the curtain, the better the sound absorption effect, and the curtain with good texture can reduce the external noise by 10% to 20%.

4. The light-shielding and beautiful appearance of balcony curtains are two key points for consumers when purchasing. Curtains are more subjective in appearance, and everyone’s needs are different, but it is important to protect personal privacy condition. In terms of concealment, it can be roughly divided into plain weaving and yarn weaving. Plain woven fabrics are less translucent and have high shielding properties. The light transmittance of the gauze fabric is high, so when purchasing, ask the clerk how the light transmittance of the curtain is.

Balcony Curtain Maintenance Method

1. Cleaning different curtains requires different methods: ordinary fabric curtains can be scrubbed with a damp cloth, but fabrics that are easy to shrink or imported For high-end fabrics, it is recommended to choose dry cleaning.

2. Do not use detergents containing bleaching ingredients to clean the curtains, and clean them regularly every six months. Try not to dehydrate and dry, but choose to dry naturally, so as not to destroy the unique texture of the curtain.

3. If it is stained, wipe it off with a clean rag. To avoid marking, wipe from the periphery of the stain as much as possible.

4. Curtain beauty: After the window screen is washed, it can be soaked in milk for an hour, then washed and dried naturally. The color of the gauze curtain after soaking will be more vivid (bleaching is prohibited).

This is the introduction of relevant reference content about what kind of curtains to use on the balcony and the maintenance methods of balcony curtains brought by the editor. I believe that after reading these introductions, you should have a general understanding of what kind of curtains to use on the balcony and how to maintain the balcony curtains. I hope it will be of some help to friends in need.

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