What color curtains go with white furniture? How to match furniture and curtains?

After purchasing furniture, if people buy curtains, they need to match them, so as to make the whole look more beautiful. There are many white furniture People will choose to buy, although it looks very natural, so what color curtains go with white furniture, and how to match furniture and curtains, you also need to know.

What color curtains go with white furniture?

1. A lot of wood and white are used to build the Nordic natural style with unaffected colors. The white walls and polished quartz tile floors of the same color system set off the texture lines of the wooden cabinets. This style is very suitable with different shades of gray curtains.

2. The TV wall in the living room is paved with a large area of Carrara white marble, showing an extraordinary style. The polishing method makes the stone layer more obvious, and it can be matched with light-colored floral curtains.

3. Blue and white curtains are used, and the floor-to-ceiling glass windows let the sunlight into the living room, allowing people to enjoy a good time quietly under the warm sunshine.

4. For the unevenness caused by the beams in the public area, the designer uses the suspended ceiling to align and add indirect light sources to create a sense of spatial hierarchy. Choose the same lively color as the main color of the living room for the curtains.

How to match furniture and curtains?

1. For the living room, calmness and generosity are the theme of the design, so the matching of furniture and curtains should also reflect this. The furniture in the living room should be dominated by calm dark tones. For matching curtains, choose plain light yellow velvet fabrics or dark shell-pattern velvet fabrics to make the atmosphere of the space look quiet. Choose the loops with a sense of rhythm for the gauze curtains Pattern, with simple shapes and soft colors to reflect a sense of calm.

2. If the furniture style focuses on Southeast Asian style, the home adopts light white tones, and the innovative style can integrate Southeast Asian elements and Chinese traditional artistic conception in the matching method. In the choice of curtains, you can use the method of contrasting shades, such as choosing a calm dark coffee tone curtain, and choosing a light color gauze curtain, which visually gives people a simple and cultural atmosphere.

3. For the bedroom with Nordic style as the theme, the color of the furniture is usually white and light beige, so the curtain fabric can use dark printing patterns, which is concise and clear, and can also highlight the Nordic style. The wind is simple and elegant; the gauze curtain can choose white to make the space have a relaxed atmosphere. For the study room, the Nordic style can also be used as the theme, and the color of the furniture is also mainly white. The curtains can use light beige stripes, and the gauze curtains can be white to create a relaxed learning atmosphere.

What color curtains go with white furniture? A good effect will not look messy. How to match furniture and curtains needs to be considered from many aspects. Generally, someone will give special advice.

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