What kind of curtains are better for the bathroom? How to choose soundproof curtains?

The bathroom is a convenient place for people, so you should pay attention to privacy, otherwise, if the other party sees you taking a shower in the bathroom, etc., it will make people feel particularly embarrassed. In the bathroom, people must choose to use curtains, so what kind of curtains are better for the bathroom, you should know, and you should also know how to choose soundproof curtains.

What curtains are better for the bathroom?

1) Fabric curtains, the curtains used in the living room and bedroom at home, the common ones are fabric curtains, so, is the bathroom suitable for fabric curtains? It can also be used in the bathroom, it is ordinary fabric curtains, it is recommended not to choose too thick ones, and at the same time, pay attention to the ease of cleaning of the fabrics, once there are stains, you need to deal with them, and try not to choose curtains made of shrinking materials or expensive materials . But you can’t choose too thin curtains, such curtains will expose privacy.

2) Shutters have always given people a romantic and beautiful feeling, especially the modern young consumer groups, who love this kind of simple and elegant decorative building materials. Shutters can not only protect the indoor life It can also adjust the indoor lighting, so many young consumers like to choose blinds for bathroom decoration.

3) Roller blinds, using a kind of curtains with upper roller blinds, which are waterproof and suitable for bathroom use, and have the characteristics of various patterns and random sizes.

4) Frosted glass, if there are no residents in your home, it is also a good choice to use frosted glass for windows. Although it will block part of the light, it will not affect the basic lighting. If you have residents in your home, After choosing frosted glass, it is better to add a curtain to the bathroom glass. After all, frosted glass can also see people’s shadows.

How to choose soundproof curtains?

1. However, driven by the coil spring and the lower cable or the upper cable and the lower cable, the bottom edge of the curtain moves up and down, and the package shaft rotates forward and reverse to make the package in the The curtain on it is put down and packed up, and like this, after the curtain stretches out from the curtain box, enters the curtain bottom groove through the curtain chute, and the bottom edge of the curtain enters the curtain bottom groove, and the window is completely closed, so that the window is completely closed with the curtain and carried out sound insulation.

2. The soundproof curtain is equipped with a curtain box on the top of the inner frame beam installed on the window. The curtain box is equipped with a curtain roll shaft. The curtain roll is mounted on the roll shaft and passes through a seam at the bottom of the curtain box Stretch out the curtain box, the two sides of opposite window are equipped with respectively the curtain chute that the two sides of a curtain can slide in it respectively, the bottom plate of window is equipped with a curtain bottom groove, the curtain box bottom Groove sealing strips are installed on the inside surfaces of the through seam, the two curtain runners and the curtain bottom groove, and they are all in the same plane.

The sound of the water flow in the bathroom is relatively loud. In order to prevent it from affecting other people’s rest, people should choose good curtains, which also have the effect of sound insulation. What kind of curtains are better for the bathroom? Different curtains The effect achieved is different, but people should pay attention to quality anyway, how to choose soundproof curtains, the above text has content introduction.

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