What kind of curtain track is good? What are the types of curtain track?

Curtain track is a kind of curtain accessory used for hanging curtains, which is widely used because it is convenient for curtain opening and closing, and can increase the beauty of curtain fabric. But do you know what are the classifications of curtain tracks? The following editor will introduce in detail which kind of curtain track is good and what are the types of curtain tracks.

Classified according to the operation mode, curtain tracks can be divided into electric tracks and manual tracks. According to the operation mode, it is easy to understand that the electric track is specially produced for the suspension of electric curtains. Because electricity is used as the power source, the original manual operation is eliminated, so the user experience is greatly improved. In terms of the track, because it is purely electric control, a transmission mechanism must be provided on the track, which is the biggest difference between the electric track and the manual track.

Classified according to visual effects, curtain tracks are divided into decorative tracks and ordinary installation tracks. Decorative track refers to the track with decorative effect, which is a good choice when hanging curtains on windows without curtain boxes. The so-called “bright track” and “dark track” in the industry refer to the decorative track and the installation track hidden in the curtain box respectively.

Here is a word called curtain box. The function of the curtain box is to hide the curtain head of the curtain. For the window with the curtain box, it is enough to use the ordinary installation track, and the material is nanometer or aluminum alloy The grade and quality of the track made of aluminum alloy are higher, and the nano-track has been gradually eliminated in recent years.

Curtain rails are divided into two series: bright rails and dark rails. Bright rails include wooden rods, aluminum alloy rods, steel pipe rods, iron art rods, plastic steel rods, etc. The common form is artistic rods. The dark track includes: nano track, aluminum alloy track, and mute track, and the texture is made of plastic steel, iron, copper, wood, aluminum alloy and other materials.

Solid wood decorative rails are common and come in a variety of colors. They can be divided into two types: transparent color and covering color. Basically, it depends on the surface treatment, whether it is smooth, whether the paint is uniform, whether the shape of the decorative head is symmetrical, etc. , There are two types of solid wood decorative rails with and without sound-absorbing strips.

There are many aluminum alloy decorative rails on the market, and the difference in quality depends on its wall thickness. A good tube wall should be relatively thick at 1.5MM-2MM. The pull ring of the alloy decorative rail has grooves on the upper and lower parts of the rail, which is actually a fake decorative rail design. The pull ring of the real decorative rod slides directly on the rod, and the poor decorative rod is made of recycled plastic. Ring, rough manufacturing process.

The surface treatment of steel pipe decorative rods can be sprayed, electroplated, and the diameters are 16MM, 19MM, 20MM, 25MM, etc. The quality depends on the quality of spraying and electroplating, the thickness of the steel plate of the mounting foot, and the thickness of the pipe wall.

The above is the introduction of which kind of curtain track is good and the types of curtain track. I hope it can be helpful for everyone to choose and buy curtain track. In addition, the editor also needs to remind everyone that the plastic track is easy to age due to its short use time, so it is generally not recommended for home use.

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