How to choose curtain color matching? How to install curtains?

When buying curtains, you will always encounter this kind of headache. When you buy curtains, you will always be conquered by any beautiful curtain, and you will feel that every one is suitable. Curtains in the living room are not only practical for life, but also pay attention to a decorative effect. Play a finishing touch to the whole effect of the living room. Choosing a suitable curtain for the bedroom will also improve our sleep quality. So, how to choose curtain color matching? How to install curtains?

How to choose curtain color matching

1. The choice of general curtain color can be selected according to the different functions of the room. The bedroom curtains can choose dark-colored curtains with light-proof effect, which can not only protect the privacy of the home owner, but also help sleep.

2. Compared with the privacy of the bedroom, the openness and essential function of the living room is not as strict as the requirements of the bedroom curtains. The choice of living room curtains is more to make some decorations for home decoration. In modern-style decoration, the color and style of the curtains in the living room should match the fabric sofa in the living room, and linen or polyester-cotton fabrics should be used.

3. The overall effect of the room should be considered. Generally speaking, curtains made of thin fabrics such as thin cotton cloth, nylon silk, thin gauze, mesh cloth, etc., the curtain material is good, and can also pass through a certain degree of natural light, and at the same time can make people feel comfortable in the daytime room. A sense of security.

4. The color and pattern of the curtains in the living room should also be included in the important considerations. The color of the curtains should be coordinated with the living room. To a certain extent, the sunlight can be completely blocked, so that the living room feels a kind of coolness. Summer optional colors are white, blue, light yellow, green and so on.

How to install curtains

1. For most people, it is very convenient to remove the curtains, but how to hang them is a very complicated matter up. How well the curtains hang depends on how the hooks are worn.

 2. The hooks of the curtains used in most families are four-pronged hooks, and some curtains have a place for hooks, which is more convenient for people to install; There is no such place for hooks, and generally speaking, the method of hanging hooks is divided according to the size of the pleats, but the pleats are also divided into large, medium and small.

3. The small pleats can be worn according to 1234, and then the four-pronged hooks can be hung up according to these numbers. There are three or four holes between the two hooks; Hanging according to 1245, there is a hole in the middle, and only the third hook is worn, generally speaking, there are 7 to 8 hooks per meter; the big pleats are worn according to 1389, with 4 holes in the middle, and between the two hooks. The curtains can be separated by 6 to 8, so that the curtains that are worn out are very beautiful. But when hanging, you should also carefully check whether the hook is rusted, so as to prevent the rust from sticking to the curtains. These are some methods of how to hang curtains.

The above is our detailed introduction on how to choose curtain color matching and how to install curtains. I hope that you can choose a suitable curtain according to your own preferences and interior decoration characteristics. It is difficult, and at the same time, the curtain color matching skills we have collected for you can help you choose your favorite curtains.

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