What is the effect of soundproof curtains? How to choose soundproof curtains?

In the process of decoration, some people like to choose soundproof curtains. Because this will reduce the noise relatively a lot. Because there are KTV rooms in the family, it is a better choice to use soundproof curtains. However, it is relatively difficult to choose soundproof curtains, because they are different from ordinary curtains. Today we will introduce how soundproof curtains work? How to choose soundproof curtains?

 What is the effect of soundproof curtains?

 1. Working principle of soundproof curtains

 1. A complete soundproof curtain consists of a curtain box, a curtain roll shaft, a curtain roll, a curtain runner, a curtain bottom groove, a groove sealing strip and a cable. The curtain is installed on the roll shaft, and the curtain roll shaft is installed in the curtain box; the chute on both sides is used for sliding up and down on both sides of the curtain to realize the opening and closing of the curtain; the bottom groove and the sealing strip are used to lock the lower end of the curtain; the whole The opening and closing process of the curtain can be realized by the rising and falling cables;

 2. The principle of soundproof curtains, in short, is that the curtains protrude from the top curtain box and reach Inside the curtain bottom groove, the curtain box, the curtain chute, and the curtain bottom groove are like a frame, forming a complete seal to the window on the plane, thereby achieving the sound insulation effect.

 Second, are soundproof curtains effective

 Soundproof curtains, as the name suggests, this kind of curtains not only have ordinary shading functions, but also have the function of sound insulation and noise reduction. Do sound-proof curtains have sound-proof effects? First look at a set of data

 1. Sound-proof windows are usually composed of double or three layers of glass and window frames of the same quality or different thicknesses, which generally increase the sound insulation by up to 8-12 decibels, the low-frequency sound insulation is large, and the sound insulation curtain can already replace the second layer of the double-layer sound insulation window;

 2. If the sound insulation is 20 decibels alone, it can be used as an indoor Active sound barrier;

 How to choose soundproof curtains?

 1. Curtain box, the curtain box is equipped with a curtain roll shaft, the curtain roll is mounted on the roll shaft and protrudes from the curtain box through a slit at the bottom of the curtain box, and two sides of the opposite window are respectively equipped with two sides of the curtain. A curtain chute in which the sides can slide respectively, a curtain bottom trough is installed on the bottom plate of the window, and groove seals are installed on the through seam at the bottom of the curtain box, the two curtain chute and the inner surface of the curtain bottom trough , and are all in the same plane.

2, Then, through the driving of the coil spring and the lowering cable or the rising cable and the lowering cable, the bottom edge of the curtain moves up and down, and the winding shaft rotates in the forward and reverse directions to make the package on it The curtain is put down and put away, so that after the curtain protrudes from the curtain box, passes through the curtain chute, and the bottom edge of the curtain enters the bottom groove of the curtain, and completely closes the window, so that the window is fully closed by the curtain for sound insulation.

Sound insulation curtains do have a certain sound insulation effect. If you think it is necessary to install sound insulation curtains at home, you need to choose carefully. Choosing the right curtains to achieve sound insulation can better protect your family. What is the effect of the soundproof curtains introduced to you today? And how to choose soundproof curtains? I hope it can help you.

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