what curtains go with pink bedroom

Color matching is still very important in decoration. When matching colors, it should be consistent with the overall color, so that it can give people a very comfortable and coordinated feeling. If the color of the bedroom is pink, what color curtain is better to use, and it can be matched with similar colors. Let’s take a look at what curtains go with a pink bedroom, and how to choose curtain fabrics. These contents are very important little common sense about collocation. Let’s understand the relevant content together.

What curtains go with a pink bedroom

What color does a beige living room sofa match You can choose beige or beige gray; use beige or light yellow for living room curtains, and match beige embroidered gauze curtains. This overall looks refreshing and generous. When choosing the color matching of sofa and curtains in the living room, in addition to deciding on the color and style of the entire living room space, you should also consider matching and coordinating with the decoration design style of the entire living room, so that they can achieve similar and harmonious matching and complementary decoration. Effect.

How to choose and buy curtain fabrics

1. Curtain style and Size

Everyone can choose the style according to their own preferences. The size is positioned according to the size of their own house, so there must be no error. In terms of style, so as not to make the space appear narrower due to the complexity of the curtains. For the width of the curtains, short curtains should also be about 20 cm longer than the bottom line of the window sill; floor-to-ceiling curtains should generally be 2 to 3 cm away from the ground.

2. The color and pattern of the curtains

When we choose the curtains, we match them with the pattern of our home. This way the overall feeling is better. The design and color of the fabric should be coordinated with the living room. In spring and autumn, you should choose fabrics with neutral colors. If the furniture is in dark colors, you should choose lighter-colored curtains, so as not to depress people with too dark colors.

3. The texture of curtains

There are many types of common fabrics. Bathrooms and kitchens should be more practical, and restaurants can fully guarantee that they will not be affected by external light and noise. It is advisable to choose fabrics with strong thickness; the curtains of the study room should choose bright fabrics with good light transmission, and the colors are light and elegant, which helps to relax and think.

The above content introduces the question of what kind of curtains match the pink bedroom. When matching, it must be planned and designed in a unified way. It can be matched with beige or white beige light yellow, etc. You can also choose purple Or pink, etc., such similar colors can give people a very comfortable feeling. How to choose curtain fabrics? For example, when purchasing, you should consider the texture of the curtains, as well as the color and pattern of the curtains. These are common sense of purchase.

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