What is the best way to use balcony curtains? How to choose

  Every family has a large balcony. When people choose balcony curtains, they will choose according to their own vision, but many people still have some Hesitation, that is, what is the best use of balcony curtains? Regarding this question, the editor made the following answer, let’s find out together.

1. What is the best way to use balcony curtains?

1. The light blocking and aesthetics of balcony curtains are the two key points for consumers when purchasing. Curtains are more subjective in terms of appearance, and everyone’s needs are different, but protecting personal privacy is a prerequisite. In terms of concealment, it can be roughly divided into plain weaving and yarn weaving. Plain woven fabrics are less translucent and have high shielding properties. The light transmittance of the gauze fabric is high, so when purchasing, ask the clerk how the light transmittance of the curtain is.

2. Some materials have high light transmission, but they cannot be seen because there is no sunlight in the place where they are placed. If you buy them at night and install them like this, you will regret it. Therefore, when purchasing accessories such as balcony curtains, pay attention to their styles and colors and plan them together as much as possible.

3. The main color of the balcony curtains should be compatible with the main color of the interior. Complementary colors or similar colors are allowed, but extreme contrast between cold and warm is a taboo; you can choose plain color curtains, elegant You can choose curtains with light patterns for the best design, or curtains with small patterns, while for luxurious designs, you can choose plain or large flower curtains.

4. In terms of the style of balcony curtains, generally small balcony curtains should be in a relatively simple style, so as not to make the space appear narrower due to the complexity of the curtains. For large balconies, it is advisable to adopt a more generous, stylish, and exquisite style; generally speaking, for large-area glass balconies, window rails equipped with drawstring machinery can be used, and floor-to-ceiling curtains are better, and Roman blinds can also be used. For bay window balconies, it is better to use curtains composed of several separate curtains.

2.How to choose balcony curtains?

1. Choose curtains depending on the size

Curtains play the role of shading and privacy protection, so the size of the curtains should not be smaller than the window. If it is a large floor-to-ceiling window or balcony, you can choose floor-to-ceiling curtains. If it is a small window, you can choose curtains that are slightly larger than the window Of course, the specific size of the curtains depends on the proportion of the curtains in the home, and it is better to achieve visual balance.

2. The pattern and texture of the curtains cannot be ignored

The pattern and pattern of the curtains should be in harmony with the size of the window in the room, the age experience of the occupants, as well as the interior decoration and furniture style. If the window is relatively short, try not to choose horizontal patterns or small floral patterns, and use vertical patterns. On small windows, you should avoid choosing curtains with large patterns, otherwise the windows will appear narrower. The patterns of the curtains should be straight and not tilted, otherwise it will cause the illusion that the windows are tilted.

  What is the best way to use balcony curtains? After reading the introduction of the editor, you will understand. come help.

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