How to make fan-shaped Roman blind curtains, how to choose fan-shaped Roman blind curtains?

  There are curtains in every family, which can block privacy and block sunlight in summer. As living conditions get better and better, there are more and more types of curtains. People will choose Roman curtains when decorating their new homes. The following editor will introduce the production method of fan-shaped Roman curtains.

1. How to make fan-shaped Roman shade curtains?

Step 1: Use a tape measure to measure the width and length of the window frame.
Step 2: Cut the length of the small pieces of wood to match the width of the window frame. The black and white striped curtain cloth also needs to be measured with a tape measure, and then draw a straight line with a pen (the length can be slightly widened by 5-6cm, that is, lengthened by 5-6cm along the direction of the vertical stripes).
Step 3: Cut along a straight line, be sure to keep the cut smooth and perpendicular to the vertical stripes of the curtain itself.

Step 4: Leave about 1cm at the upper end of the curtain cloth, and then fix the small wood pieces with the curtain cloth.
Step 5: The small wooden strips are only a few millimeters thick, so they can be fixed with a stapler.
Step 6: Along the vertical direction of the curtain, compare the length of the required fine hemp rope. (The length of the twine is twice the vertical length of the curtain).

Step 7: Pick up the end of the curtain where the small piece of wood is bound, and fix the wood piece and the upper window frame with a hammer and nails.
Step 8: Pass the hemp rope through the middle of the middle window frame.
Step 9: The initial shape of the Roman curtain is completed, and then you can start “posing”.

Step 10: Tie a knot between the hemp rope hidden inside the curtain and the outside of the curtain. The bigger the knot, the higher the fan shape of the small curtain.

2. How to choose fan-shaped Roman shade curtains?

Clarify the purpose: to protect privacy, block strong light, enhance warmth or simple decoration, first of all Clarify the purpose of each curtain. With this foundation, there will be no major mistakes when choosing curtains.
(2) Decide on the style: casement curtain or Roman blind, whether to add a decorative curtain head, the style design of the curtain is closely related to the shape of the window, the frequency of opening, and the style of the room.

(3) Selection of fabrics: In addition to color patterns, the thickness of curtain fabrics, fiber composition and whether special treatment has been carried out will have a great impact on future use.

(4) Understand the calculation method: measure the size of the window, and you still can’t fully understand the amount of fabric used. Although there are merchants to help you calculate, you should first understand some basic calculation methods and rules to avoid mistakes.

How to make fan-shaped Roman blind curtains, how to choose fan-shaped Roman blind curtains? After reading the introduction of the editor, you already understand! Fan-shaped Roman curtains are high-end and fashionable. grade, so it is often used in decoration now.

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