What is the best way to match the curtains? After seeing the neighbor’s, I regret buying it early!

Curtains are an essential home decoration item that is both functional and decorative. Curtains generally occupy a large area, which can change the style and even adjust the color of the home.

So how can we choose good-looking curtains? What color and pattern of curtains are most suitable for your home? Listen to what the professionals have to say below.

How to choose the color of the curtain?

1. A color similar to the wall

Choose a color similar to the color of the wall. It is recommended to be a few degrees darker than the color of the wall to avoid Visual confusion. If it is an apricot-colored wall, you can choose a beige curtain that is a little darker than the apricot color; for a white wall with a grayscale, you can choose a light gray curtain.

2. The color with similar secondary tone

is used as the color selection step Step option, you can choose the second tone that you can notice in addition to the large color blocks of the walls and floors, that is, the close color of the secondary tone. Secondary tones generally come from small and medium-sized objects with prominent colors or unique patterns, such as coffee tables, rugs, lamps, cushions or other decorative objects.

3, Contrasting color, highlight color

As the color scheme of the level , Contrasting color and highlight color are definitely the best choices. A variety of bright colors such as rose red, orange yellow, fruit green, etc., can be well matched to improve the overall home decoration feeling. But pay attention to the curtains of this color, the curtain material must be thick enough or equipped with partitions, otherwise the sunlight will directly penetrate the curtains and it will appear very low.

4. Choose according to different spaces

Different rooms for curtain colors The needs are also different. The curtains of the houses where the elderly live should be calm and elegant, while the curtains of the young people’s homes or children’s rooms can be appropriately different in color, especially for children’s rooms. Colorful and bright colors can help children form a cheerful personality.

Do you choose solid color or floral color for the curtains?

1. If your home is already crowded, with many paintings, carpets, cushions hung, and many colors, please choose solid color curtains.

2. If you feel that the pure color is too monotonous, you can choose vertical two-color curtains, or a single curtain with a simple color edge, which can visually elevate the room.

3. A little more than the upper and lower two-color curtains, it is a striped pattern. Striped patterns are a good choice for creating color contrast, and you can use white to transition in it without being too obtrusive.

4. For large-scale, European-style decoration families, you can also choose dark curtains with flower patterns, which can reduce the sense of emptiness in the room.

Finally, when choosing fabrics, you must consider the orientation of your windows. Windows facing south have good light, and tulle, thin cotton or silk fabrics are more suitable. North-facing rooms are often cold and gloomy, so you should choose curtains with warm colors and some heavy feelings to increase the temperature. If your home has windows facing east or west, then shade is the most important use of curtains.

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