Don’t dare to be sloppy with your baby’s curtains, you have to choose the right one!

Curtains are essential items in home life, both decorations and daily necessities. It can also be described as a bright area in the whole room structure. When choosing curtains for your baby, you need to pay more attention. Not only should we consider the issue of style coordination, but we should also pay attention to the material, thickness, and whether it is safe and environmentally friendly. So how to choose curtains? What should I pay attention to? The following editor will introduce the skills of choosing curtains for you.

1. Curtain materials have their own characteristics

In order to make the baby live safe and hygienic, The curtains in the children’s room need to be changed and washed frequently, so it is best to choose curtains that are easy to wash and not easily deformed when choosing materials. General fabric materials include cotton, hemp, gauze, satin, flocking, bamboo, man-made fibers, etc. Among them, cotton and hemp are easier to wash and replace; gauze curtains are more three-dimensional, and the room has a good visual experience. Strong light transmission; satin and flocking curtains are more delicate in texture, have a strong shading and sound insulation effect, and the price is relatively high among these materials; the biggest feature of bamboo curtains is wear-resistant, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, and non-fading; and the texture Clear, good lighting performance, children living in the south can choose this one; the blinds are simple and elegant, when choosing the blinds, you should touch whether the blades are smooth and have no burrs, then hang them flat and try to pull them to check whether they are flexible to open, and then turn the adjustment lever. Check the blade turning flexibility.

2. Curtains have different thickness and functions

Curtains with different thicknesses have different functions. Thin curtains play the role of “filter” when blocking sunlight, which can soften the scorching sun. It will be very pleasant to be exposed to such sunlight, and there will be a lot less burning sensation; even if the curtains are drawn, the room will remain bright. Curtains with thicker materials can play a good role in preventing noise interference. The editor suggests that you can choose double-layer curtains for your baby. Use thin curtains during the day to bathe in soft sunlight at home and also sterilize the room; at night, choose thick curtains to block noise and let your baby sleep soundly. Thick curtains also function as insulation, giving your baby a warm night.

3. Colors and patterns can be selected according to preferences

When choosing colors, it is first to respect the preferences of children. If the baby has no obvious preference, it is best for the mother to choose brightly colored curtains for the baby. According to psychologists, colorful colors are beneficial to the development of children’s brain nerves. In addition, you can choose curtains according to the season, choose lighter colors in summer, and darker colors in winter. The last thing to note is that the matching problem should be considered in the choice of color, so as to avoid the illusion of chaos. Ask the child about the pattern of the curtains first, such as cartoon patterns such as Mickey Mouse, Kung Fu Panda, and Joyful. Secondly, you can also choose patterns with night characteristics such as stars and moon patterns, which will relieve the baby’s excitement and facilitate falling asleep.

4. The curtains should be strong and not easy to break

Children are generally very active. It is easy to be pulled and damaged, so be sure to consider sturdiness when choosing. When buying, you can pull it hard and check the firmness through the change of the gap in the fabric. If the gap is too large, don’t buy it.

5. The quality of the curtain auxiliary materials is better

The quality of the curtain auxiliary materials should be guaranteed to prevent the baby from pulling the curtains too hard when playing The curtain rod falls and hurts the child, causing unimaginable accidents. In addition, the installation should be firm and several tests should be carried out.

Believe that mom and dad will buy everything for the baby. But you also need to know more to choose the right one. So, will you choose baby curtains?

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