What curtains go with Chinese furniture? How to match the colors of the curtains?

When we decorate our own house, we all want to do our best to achieve beauty in all aspects, and we don’t miss any small details. Of course, curtains are not out, but every decoration style and furniture will have corresponding curtains to match. Today we will introduce what kind of curtains match Chinese style furniture? What curtains?

 1. Consider the color of Chinese furniture and curtains. The color of the curtains should be based on the color of the Chinese-style furniture, and it should also be coordinated with the colors of the walls and the ground. For light-colored furniture, the curtains should be matched with light gray, light green or milky white; if it is dark Chinese-style furniture, in order to set off the furniture and improve the brightness of the room, the curtains should also be matched with light rather than bright colors. But what color to choose specifically should be considered in connection with the owner’s hobbies and personality when designing.
2. Consider the design and color of Chinese furniture and curtains. The curtains selected for Chinese-style furniture are quite satisfactory in terms of color, dark red, bright yellow and other colors with Chinese characteristics are the main colors, and the pattern distribution is relatively regular, mainly traditional representative blessing patterns and concrete landscapes, flowers, and text Mainly, the styles are mainly punching, cloth with hooks, and curtains. There is no need to have a clear style distinction, but it is best not to add curtain heads.

3. Space considerations for Chinese-style furniture and curtains. When choosing what kind of curtains to match with Chinese-style furniture, the size of the entire space should also be considered. For small-area rooms, choose small-area curtains that are close to the color of wall furniture and curtains. Large-area curtains should be placed in large living rooms, master bedrooms and In a room with a large window area such as a large study, the color of the selected curtains depends on the color of the design, but no matter how you choose, it is best to choose the curtains that match and coordinate with the environment.

 How to match the color of the curtains?

 1. Affecting the atmosphere of the overall space, the gauze curtain chooses a rhythmic circle pattern to reflect simplicity with simple shapes and soft colors, so as to get rid of tediousness and complexity and pursue a simple and natural psychology.

2 The furniture style is an innovative style that combines Southeast Asian elements and traditional Chinese artistic conception. The home is in light white tones. In the choice of curtains, the method of contrasting shades is adopted, and the calm dark coffee-colored curtains are selected, and the gauze curtains are light-colored, which visually gives people a rustic cultural atmosphere.

3. The bedroom is dominated by light-toned furniture, decorated with dark-colored frames, and the whole space has an antique flavor. We use vertical and wide-striped curtains, and the oriental mystery comes into view; another space The use of light gray tones, medium-colored coffee, and white gauze curtains immediately enhance the noble and elegant atmosphere of this space.

4. The bedroom is mainly in clean light tones, so for the matching curtains, choose dark shell pattern flannel fabrics to make the atmosphere of the space look peaceful; the other home is mainly in light gray tones, and the curtains are selected Dark blue light printing to show a sense of calm. Choose light shades for sheer curtains.

5. The living room adopts white tone, and the simple lines reveal a sense of fashion and elegance. When choosing the curtains for this space, we chose the curtains in coffee tones with cross-line patterns; the gauze curtains chose light purple with a sense of luxury. With simple shape and exquisite details, it creates a fashion and avant-garde feeling

6 The bedroom adopts light colors, simple lines and colors reveal a romantic atmosphere. White lace is chosen for the curtain to make the whole space more romantic; lavender is chosen for the curtain of the study, which adds to the noble and calm effect of the study; the white tone with dots is chosen for the gauze curtain, which sets off the purity of knowledge.

 5. A bedroom with a Nordic style as the theme. The color of the home is mainly white and light beige, and the curtains are printed in dark colors, which is simple and clear, and at the same time highlights the simplicity and elegance of the Nordic style; the gauze curtains are white, which makes people feel like they are at the foot of the Alps.

Chinese-style furniture is the choice of ordinary people. Because it is more popular, there will be more room for choice when choosing curtains. But after all, we are generally not professionals, so it is relatively troublesome to choose. Through our introduction, what curtains go with Chinese-style furniture? How to match the colors of the curtains? Hope to bring you some help.

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