Curtain lace in the middle or on both sides Curtain lace collocation knowledge

When we decorate, curtains are indispensable, especially when making them, lace is very important, which affects the beauty of the interior, and it must also match with the curtain head Done right, you end up with an entire curtain that adds color to the room! So how to get the curtain lace? How to match?

Curtain lace in the middle or on both sides

When customizing curtains, The selection and production of lace is often the most troublesome. There are many styles of lace. The lace not only needs to be in harmony with the curtain fabric, but also needs to be properly matched with the curtain head, in order to finally lock the style of the entire curtain.

Mistakes in matching lace will overshadow the most beautiful fabrics; but proper matching of lace can add a lot of color to the room.

1. Retro-style lace slanted to the silk spikes. The slanted lines formed by the black and white silk spike lace completely changed the square impression of the curtains.

2. The pleated lace adopts the sweet pleated lace, which is combined with golden beads, which is simple but gorgeous. Pastoral style lace

3. Ribbon and glass beads The luster of the ribbon is combined with the delicacy of transparent beads, highlighting the different color areas on the inner curtain.

4. Wavy lace This is a lace with simple style but strong decorative effect. It is very distinctive for the side of the inner curtain and is suitable for use on various fabrics of LED display.

5. Lace and curtains as a whole echo this lace fabric and color very echoes with the inner curtain.

Curtain lace matching knowledge

The lace echoes the curtain as a whole. The modern minimalist design is very suitable for today’s fast-paced social needs. When people return home from a day’s work, what they want most is complete relaxation. In this simple style, it can just adjust life. The basic features of the modern minimalist style are simplicity and practicality. It emphasizes that less is more, abandons unnecessary decorative elements, and pursues fashionable and modern simple shapes and pleasant colors. Today I will share with you how to match the modern minimalist curtains.

The above is the matching knowledge of curtain lace, I hope it will be helpful to everyone after reading it. Curtains are the eyes of the bedroom. If they are well matched, they can not only make the bedroom look good, but also relax the mood.

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