What curtains go with black furniture? What are the furniture color matching skills?

Black furniture is very popular now. You can see all kinds of black furniture in many home life. One of the furniture. But what color curtains should I match with black furniture? This is what many homeowners struggle with. Next, let’s explain what curtains go with black furniture? What are the furniture color matching skills?

What curtains go with black furniture?

1. Black

When I saw the editor’s subtitle, I must have taken a big jump. Black furniture and black curtains are for shooting Horror movie? In fact, it is not like this. In ordinary life outside, there are very few black curtains. The black curtains I mentioned in the editor are not black curtains made of ordinary materials. In the choice of black curtains, you can choose curtain products with soft texture and good drape, so that it can reflect the superiority and comfort of the entire home space.

2. Brown

We know that brown is a relatively common color, a cool color, and there are not many taboos in matching. If you want to ask what goes with black furniture For the color curtains, the brown I think of is a matching style that you are worth trying. The color of the brown curtains is quiet and can not only reflect the elegance of the home atmosphere, but also show the concept of modern and fashionable home life. If it is The black sofa, whether it is leather or fabric, can show extraordinary charm under the support of brown curtains.

3. Red

The combination of red and black is a classic case that will never go out of date. As you can imagine, in the modern home life, we have fashion trends The textured black furniture set products, at the same time, in the choice of curtain color, exaggerated and warm red is used as its embellishment. This kind of matching is a worthy matching form in modern fashion life. If you really don’t know what color curtains go with black furniture, you can give this red and black design a try.

What are the furniture color matching skills?

1. Use similar or opposite colors to match

Similar colors can make the overall color of the room look simple and calm. Opposite colors appear more individual, youthful and beautiful. You can refer to the general color card. Opposite colors are complementary colors, and adjacent colors are similar colors. You can refer to the color wheel to match colors.

2. A variety of colors are well matched, and they are equally brilliant

Many people think that too many color combinations will cause confusion in the room. In fact, in the same room, the area and proportion of a color play an important role in the color matching of the home. If you determine the theme color, you don’t have to be too entangled in small things.

3. Believe in yourself and follow your heart

In the choice of home decoration color, you must believe in yourself and follow your heart. After all, home is a safe haven for you to live in for a long time. Follow your inner thoughts and choose the color you really like. At the same time, clarify the main color to avoid clutter of multiple colors. Looking at the renovated home, you will also have a sense of accomplishment~

4. Collect home photos and feel the color matching

Many people who have clear color preferences do not I don’t know what my favorite home style is. On weekdays, you can browse more home decoration photos and collect favorite home photos. After a period of time, you can learn about your favorite home colors, and use the stones from other mountains to choose the color matching of your home.

Through the introduction of the above article, what kind of curtains do you match with black furniture? What are the furniture color matching skills? You should understand everything. Black furniture is very popular now, so it is very important to learn the matching skills of black furniture. Black furniture can highlight the personal charm of the owner, so it is usually necessary to learn more about black furniture matching skills.

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