How to choose bedroom curtains are practical and beautiful

The bedroom is an important resting space for us. Choosing the right bedroom curtains is of great help to our sleep, especially in today’s noisy cities, where lights such as neon lights and street lights can easily enter at night Our bedrooms affect sleep quality. So, how to choose bedroom curtains? Let’s take a look at the function requirements that bedroom curtains must meet today, how to choose and buy bedroom curtains.

How to choose bedroom curtains: color

The color should conform to the overall style and our sleep needs. People are visual animals. Generally speaking, all kinds of colors in the bedroom will affect our sleep, and curtains occupy most of them. It is usually recommended to choose a more stable color, which not only looks comfortable, but also makes the room look more elegant. Of course, this is just a general requirement. Depending on the living age, the choice of color will be different. For the bedroom of the elderly, it is suitable to choose a solemn and elegant color, which is more in line with the psychological quality of the elderly; young people People can choose light green or light blue colors, which will be fresher, more natural, and more pleasant. However, it is not advisable to choose dark colors for bedroom curtains. Over time, there may be a sense of depression, which will affect the quality of our rest.

How to choose bedroom curtains: blackout

It is basically one night in the city now Brightly lit, if you want to have a comfortable sleep at night, or sleep late during the day, the blackout properties of bedroom curtains must not be ignored. Curtains made of cotton, linen or flocking or silk have good shading properties. Now many families also like to add a layer of gauze curtains or lace curtains for decoration besides such texture curtains.

How to choose bedroom curtains: sound insulation

When the continuous noise is 50 decibels, And if there is no noise reduction facility on the doors and windows, it will affect people’s normal rest. It is better to choose curtains with sound insulation and sound absorption texture, and the sound insulation effect of flocking, cotton, and linen fabrics is relatively better. Generally, the thicker the curtain, the stronger its sound absorption and sound insulation ability, and the bedroom curtain with good texture can reduce the external noise by about 15%.

How to choose bedroom curtains: warm in winter and cool in summer

The bedroom curtains should also have The role of regulating climate temperature, especially in winter and summer, one cold and one hot. We all have textures, and cool colors can make us feel cooler visually, while warm colors can make us feel warmer. The adjustment of climate temperature by bedroom curtains is also mainly from the aspect of color, in addition to the texture and thickness of curtains.

Through the above introduction, do you have a solution to the problem of how to choose bedroom curtains in your home? Woolen cloth? If you have any questions, you can continue to pay attention to this column.

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