What color is the curtain in the room? Room curtain size selection considerations?

Through the outside of the window, we can understand the outdoor life, so our field of vision is greatly expanded, and the indoor living life becomes more comfortable. In order to make the indoor life more private, Also in order to avoid strong light, it is necessary to install room curtains, so what color is good for room curtains, and what are the precautions for choosing the size of room curtains?

What color is the room curtain?

1. The choice of room curtain color It cannot form a strong contrast with the interior decoration style. For a bedroom decorated in pink, with simple and ordinary pure white curtains, the whole bedroom will undoubtedly become sweet and warm. If you add a small The bowknot highlights the beauty of the curtains, so that we can harvest beautiful scenery no matter we open or close the curtains.

2. For a simple children’s bedroom, we can add a white curtain with a small leaf pattern to decorate the interior space, so that the interior effect will be more refreshing and revealing Some cute and playful feelings. This kind of curtain is good no matter it is used in children’s bedroom or adult’s bedroom. The simple pattern and color can be matched with almost all kinds of decoration styles. Of course, if it is in simple European style, it will be more beautiful when matched.

3. In the bedroom, try to choose the color that both parties prefer. In addition, it is very important to choose a warmer color. Of course, you should also choose different curtain colors according to the changes of the seasons. Good curtain colors It can be used in all seasons. It is better to use curtain colors such as white, green, blue, orange and red.

4. Try not to use too much red or black as the main color of the curtains in the house, because too much red or too black will make people impulsive and extreme. It is also recommended to increase the purity and lightness of the paint on the wall to achieve saturation, which is what we call positive color.

Precautions for room curtain size selection

1. Floor-to-ceiling windows: Floor-to-ceiling windows are generally relatively large in area, and the entire wall is regarded as a window, and the width is from left to The width and height of the entire right wall are measured from the top down about 5 cm, and 3 cm above the ground. Of course, floor-to-ceiling windows do not need to be installed on the entire wall, so the width should be at least 15 cm wider on each side of the window frame.

2. Half window: If such a window is used as a curtain for the entire wall, the measurement method is the same as that of the floor-to-ceiling window. Widen by 10–15 cm, and the top is 10 cm higher than the window frame. If there is no table or bed below, it must be lengthened by at least 20 cm. If there is a table or other furniture, measure it to the top of the table.

3. Bay windows: Many rooms in real estate now have bay windows or bay windows. The curtains of these bay windows can also be made in different ways. When installed in the bay window, the curtains need to be made on three sides. In this way, the width is measured along the glass, and the height is measured from the top to the countertop.

4. Another method is to hang the curtain fabric outside the bay window to make it floor-to-ceiling. The measurement method is the same as that of the floor-to-ceiling window. The amount of glass, the height is the height from the top to the countertop. Another thing to be aware of is the size of the curtain tiles, which may also have pleats if you want to make them more aesthetically pleasing or a personal preference. After determining the actual curtain tile size, how to calculate the folds: the required actual curtain tile size X1.4~2.0 times = the size of the curtain.

5. The greater the multiplier, the more wrinkled the curtain will be. According to the installation method of curtains, it can be divided into two types: top installation and side installation. Just subtract one centimeter, (when measuring, whether the width of the upper end of the window and the width of the upper end and the height of the left side and the height of the right side are consistent, the window that looks very regular may not be rectangular or square), if it is side-mounted , The curtains should generally cover the entire window, and each side should exceed 5-10 cm.

What color is good for room curtains? The choice of color is not fixed. There are many influencing factors. Room curtain size selection precautions mainly include the above points, I hope everyone can understand.

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