Eight ways to choose home curtains to help you choose the right curtains

Only by understanding the curtain selection skills before purchasing can you be prepared and choose the suitable home curtains for you. Let us introduce the eight methods of home curtain selection, let us help you You choose the right curtains together.

Home Curtain Choice 1, Wall Decoration

For most rooms, curtains are wall decorations. Especially for the “four white floor” simple decoration room, except for some picture frames, the decoration on the wall may only be curtains. Therefore, the style of curtains often plays a decisive role in the entire interior space; for the hardcover living room Generally speaking, the curtains that echo the decoration will make the room present a unified style and better reflect the home atmosphere.

Home curtain choice two, unified style

The color and style of curtains are inextricably linked with the main style of the home. The main requirement for choosing curtains is to be consistent with the main style of the room. The material, color and style of the curtains must match the overall style of the room. In this regard, you need to consult , so that the curtains and the room design style can complement each other.

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Choice of home curtains 3. Color matching

The color of the curtains should be coordinated with the color of the whole room. The color should be darker than the wall, such as light blue walls, the curtains can be brown, or the curtains can be made of blue flowers on a white background, and the curtains can be made of light yellow transparent yarn. Generally, white and beige curtains are more coordinated with any wall. Can be used universally. Color matching should also consider the size and purpose of the room. Light-colored curtains should be used in a compact room, which is conducive to expanding the sense of space; dark-colored curtains can be selected in a spacious room, which helps to alleviate loneliness , spacious feeling. The curtains in the bedroom can use some elegant and quiet colors; the curtains in the living room generally use dark colors, which are solemn and easy to create a warm, soft and friendly atmosphere; the newly married family room can use brightly colored curtains to add Indoor festive atmosphere; people who are prone to insomnia can choose red and black curtains to rest and fall asleep; people with a bad heart and easy to be excited should choose curtains in calm colors such as light blue and light green. The choice of curtain colors should also pay attention to the four seasons Generally speaking, cool colors should be used in summer to make people feel clean and cool; in winter, warm colors should be used to make people look warmer and more friendly.

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Choice 4 of home curtains, protect privacy  

Curtains The purpose is to protect privacy, and you must not sacrifice everything because of your preference for curtain styles. Different indoor areas have different standards for privacy requirements. Public activity areas such as the living room have relatively low requirements for privacy. Most living rooms will open the curtains, so the curtains in the living room mainly play a decorative function; It is even required that even the shadow cannot be seen, which requires consumers to consider the difference in privacy of each area when choosing different curtains. For example, you can choose some translucent curtains in the living room, while the bedroom should choose some thicker curtains.


Home Curtain Selection Five, Sound Absorption and Noise Reduction    

Window glass has a high reflectivity for treble, and thicker curtains can absorb noise from the outside, and can also effectively enhance the reverberation effect in the room, which is conducive to improving the indoor sound environment.

Choice of home curtains Six, use light

The function of protecting privacy is realized by blocking light. Effective and reasonable use of light will make the room alternate between light and dark, and expand the sense of space in the room. In the living room on the first floor, it is easier for people to see the indoor situation with translucent curtains, and the curtains with thicker materials will affect the natural lighting. If you combine the two together, you can solve this problem. For example, use a thicker fabric and make a tulle curtain inside. As for which scheme to adopt, the actual situation needs to be considered.

Home Curtain Selection Seven, Curtain Measurement 

When people buy curtains, they often only refer to the length and width of the window itself. Inaccurate. A reasonable measurement method should be: measure the width and height of the window in the home. If there is a curtain box above the window, the width and height of the measurement should be measured from the inside of the curtain box; if there is a window frame around the window, the window size should be measured from the window frame. Measured from outer edge. A basic rule of thumb is to measure from the curtain rod and factor in the length of the hook, not from the top edge of the window. The length of the curtains should exceed the window sill, and the specific length should refer to the overall style of the room. Generally speaking, curtains that grow to the ground can make the space look more formal, and can also highlight the presence of a small window in this space.

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Choice of home curtain eight, material application

There are many different materials for curtains on the market, such as cotton, glass yarn, lace and bamboo fiber Wait. The choice of different materials is mainly based on the specific use and overall decoration style. If it is to prevent sunlight, artificial fibers or blended fibers should be used. They are hard, easy to wash and durable, and have strong shading properties; if you want to create an elegant and refreshing feeling, you can choose soft materials such as glass yarn and lace , but these materials are poor in shading; if used in the bedroom, you need to combine the two, which not only reflects the overall style of the bedroom, but also protects the privacy of the bedroom; if the overall style of home decoration is relatively simple, you can use Some cotton curtains.

The editor specially sorted out the specific methods and techniques of curtain selection for you. However, we can’t cover everything when choosing curtains. However, as long as we grasp the most important A few points, it is completely OK! I hope it will be of great help to you in choosing curtains in the future. Choose what you like, the right curtain, and let our home be happy!

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