What color is better for curtain rods? How to match curtains and curtain rods

Nowadays in social home decoration, when it comes to choosing the color of curtains, many consumers don’t know very well, and don’t know what kind of choice is more appropriate. In fact, how to choose the color of the product, which one will compare, this is mainly based on the home environment and the effect of decoration, and the choice can only be selected with a goal. So, how to match curtains and curtain rods? Which curtain rod is better to choose? Next, let’s understand together.

 What color is better for the curtain rod?

A, no more than three color schemes in the space, among which white and black are not counted.

B, in the absence of design guidance, the best color scheme for home furnishing is: light walls, middle ground, and deep furniture.

C, gold and silver can match any color, gold does not include yellow, silver does not include off-white.

D, if the space is not closed and penetrates, the same color scheme must be used; different closed spaces can use different color schemes. E, the color of the ceiling must be lighter than the wall or the same color as the wall. When the color of the wall is dark, the ceiling must use light color.

F, if you want to create a bright and modern home atmosphere, you must not choose those printed things, and try to use plain color designs.

G, be sure not to use dark green floors.

H, do not use warm colors in the kitchen, except for yellow.

 How to match curtains and curtain rods?

A. Fashion and simple style: Fashion and simplicity are loved by many young people, and they are also the main popular style today One, if you want to create a window view full of modern style, Italian Roman curtains said that choosing metal curtain rods is the best way. The silver metal curtain rod is paired with transitional color fabrics with delicate texture and elegant color, showing a rational modern style.

B. Pastoral style: The pastoral style is a natural style. If you want to create a strong natural flavor, Italian Roman curtains suggest that you choose a curtain rod with a strong wooden feeling, and match it with a monochrome or Curtain fabrics with simple lines are an invariable country-style collocation. Put on warm curtains. When the wind blows in, you will feel that these warm curtains filter out the cold air in the wind and make you feel comfortable. The natural and warm wind is sent into the room.

C. Modern neo-classical: Modern people are facing too much pressure in life and work, and they are eager to return to a warm and comfortable home life. Roman curtains in Italy indicate that the elegant and pure modern neo-classical style has naturally become popular. The form and principle of symmetry and balance can relax the tired vision after a day. Silver iron curtain rods are more suitable.

 How to match curtains and curtain rods? Which curtain rod is better to choose? The above is what I introduced to you, I hope it can help you. The problem of matching curtain rods is actually not complicated. You can choose according to your home decoration style and overall shape. Also, pay attention to color matching. No matter what kind of curtain rod you choose, the quality must be guaranteed, as well as the after-sales service, so that any problems with the curtain rod can be solved in time.

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