What are the key points for purchasing curtain rods? Precautions for installing curtain rods?

Now society has certain requirements for decoration, and it is no exception when facing the installation of curtain rods. Today, the editor will introduce the key points of purchasing curtain rods? Install curtain rods and pay attention matter. I hope that everyone can have a certain understanding after the introduction. The curtains can also completely cover the windows.

 What are the key points for purchasing curtain rods?

 We When purchasing curtain rods, you must be cautious, and you can’t choose randomly. Here are some key points for purchasing. I hope it can help you, so that you can quickly choose your favorite products. Choose carefully by yourself

 1. The taste of the general owner is closely related to this, so from the taste of the owner of the room, people are generally willing to observe others from the details, and the same is true for room decoration. A person’s taste has a lot to do with decoration.

 2. You can not only meet the basic needs of convenience, ease of opening, beauty and resistance from the function and use of the room; The edge shape of the selected special elbow and functional ring support to meet the needs of different customers. Different needs have different values, which is also the importance of your choice

 3. Everyone’s style is different, the choice of style and color matching curtain rod is mainly the choice of color and style . According to the home decoration and the main color of the curtain cloth, the curtain rods of different colors are matched. In addition, the selected curtain rods should match the overall style, so that the overall color beauty of the room is coordinated. This makes people feel comfortable

 Precautions for installing curtain rods?

 There are actually many precautions when you install, you have to understand , so that you will know a little more when installing, and then you can see if the installation is accurate, which is also OK for yourself

 1. Roof height: In order to show the beauty of the exposed curtain rod , then you must pay attention to the height of the top of the room and the window to avoid depression and suffocation when installing on the wall, that is, wall installation, which is also a more suitable installation, and it is also a more important choice of installation method

 2. Level: Housing prices are increasing, but the quality is declining. It is affordable housing and housing under construction. You must understand the mystery of this, so that you can choose the practical one you like

 3. Leave room: During the installation process, the left and right sides of the window frame should not be lower than 6cm. This is to allow the curtain rod to have a place to protrude, so that the window is also a reasonable installation precaution. Be sure to pay attention to this Installation

 The above are the main points of Xiaobian’s purchase of curtain rods? The precautions for installing curtain rods are introduced in detail. I hope everyone can have a certain understanding when purchasing curtains. Don’t know how to choose and buy. As long as you refer to the above method, you can easily buy.

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