what color curtains go with pink furniture

Everyone knows that the color of the furniture should be consistent with the style of the whole home, and then the color of the floor and walls. The overall style cannot be ignored, so when choosing curtains, it must be combined with the actual So what color curtains are better for pink furniture, and what are the uses of curtain fabrics? These contents are very important common sense. It is a good reference for everyone to understand some curtain matching colors and uses. , let’s take a look.

What color curtains go with pink furniture

Don’t match pink furniture Curtains in other colors too. Pair it with a silver velvet curtain. Wallpaper grass green. You will see a feeling of ice cream. But it will not be as rustic as the small floral curtains.

It is simply a color match with blue, but you feel that the overall color is light (professional point is called cold tone). The main reason is that you are using a high-contrast collocation. If you want to adjust the atmosphere, it is recommended to match it with a “strong tone”. A healthy solid color with a little tight black can show a sense of strength and luxury, and it will be thicker.

What are the uses of curtain fabric

1. Privacy protection is our The basic requirement for a family is that we all have our own privacy, and no one likes his every move in the eyes of others. In most family living rooms, the curtains are opened, and it is required that no shadow can be seen. We may choose a fabric that is translucent in the living room, while the bedroom uses a thicker fabric.

2. The use of light is also our demand, or it is dealt with from the aspect of blocking light. We test the freedom to control the light. The use of light mentioned here is the problem of effectively using light. But pulling thick curtains for a long time affects natural lighting. Therefore, light and thin curtains similar to gauze curtains came into being.

3. Decorating the wall is also a very good effect. Curtains are also a very good matching choice for many ordinary families. It is a wall decoration. Maybe the only thing left on the wall is the curtain. May often play a pivotal role. Similarly, for a hardcover home, appropriate curtains will make the home more beautiful and more individual.

What color curtains go with pink furniture? It is still necessary to choose the appropriate curtain color according to the actual needs. What are the uses of curtain fabrics, such as light shielding, decorative effects, sound insulation effects, etc., are one of the most important uses of curtains, and everyone needs to understand.

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