What color curtains go with a blue wall? What are the color matching skills?

Nowadays for decoration, color matching is also very important, because proper color matching will make the whole home environment more beautiful and comfortable. So if we are using a blue wall, what color curtains do we generally choose, and what matching skills do we have? Let’s introduce what color curtains go with blue walls? What are the color matching skills?

What color curtains go with a blue wall

1. Blue is An elegant and calm color, blue shades can show different visual effects. Light blue is fresh and elegant, which makes people feel calm and comfortable; dark blue is quiet, stable, and gives people a sense of security and reliability. The matching effect of blue walls and curtains has a great influence on the whole room. It can be said that the matching of walls and curtains can affect the style of the whole room.

2. Blue and white are a perfect match. This is the truth in color theory. Such a match can be seen everywhere in daily life and is very beautiful. Blue is a cool tone. If the blue wall is too monotonous, it will make the room feel cold. This white muslin curtain is like a beautiful fairy to save the whole room from the cold.

3. Pure light blue can always bring people into an ideal space. This space is pure and dreamy like a kingdom that only belongs to blue. Such a blue wall is very harmonious with a blue and white curtain.

What are the color matching skills?

1. The color matching skills of the living room

The color matching of the living room must consider the orientation and direction of the living room. Furniture configuration, the orientation of the living room is mainly determined by the orientation of the living room windows. Color depends on the living room window of the living room, such as South to the living room should be white as main colors, while the West should use green as main colors to the living room. This is because the five elements in the south belong to fire. According to the theory of five elements giving birth to restraint, fire restrains gold and is wealth. To ensure the wealth of the south-facing living room, the paint, wallpaper and sofa should be selected in white, because white is “gold”. ; The representative color is the color of welcoming wealth.

2. Bedroom color matching skills

The bedroom is a space for rest and relaxation. How to improve sleep is the key to bedroom color matching. The top of the bedroom is mostly white, and the white and smooth walls can make the light reflectivity reach 60%, making it brighter. Bright and quiet colors can be used for the walls, and light colors such as yellow and yellow-gray can increase the openness of the room. The indoor ground is generally dark, and the color of the ground should not be too close to the color of the furniture. Otherwise, it will affect the three-dimensional sense and crisp lines of the family.

3. Kitchen color matching skills

The clean hues in the kitchen mainly include colors with small gray scale and high lightness, such as white, milky white, light yellow, etc. The colors that can stimulate appetite are mainly those that are close to delicious food, or can strongly stimulate appetite in daily life, such as orange red, orange yellow, brown and so on. Colors that can make people happy are much more complicated. Different people and different living environments have great changes in color preferences, but not everyone operates in the kitchen.

What we have introduced above is about what color curtains go with a blue wall? What are the related issues of color matching skills, we should have some understanding of these issues. The color matching skills are actually very important in the decoration process, which will have a great impact on the environment of the entire living room. I hope our introduction can help you.

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