How to choose curtains? Just look at the color of the fabric and you are wrong

Now the curtains in the home are no longer the original kind of curtains that just play a blocking role. They have become an indispensable and important component in our home decoration. When purchasing curtains, it is not only to see whether its pattern matches the decoration style of the home, but also to choose according to the functions of various areas such as the living room and bedroom. So, what problems should we pay attention to when purchasing curtains, and how to choose them? Let me share with you the relevant knowledge.

Composition of curtains

Choosing curtains is not like what we see It is just a piece of cloth, which includes three parts: curtain body, accessories, and accessories. The curtain body includes curtains, window bodies, and window screens. Window curtains are an indispensable component of decorative windows and windows, and are generally made of the same fabric as the window body. There are tiled, discounted, water wave, comprehensive and other styles in the style. The auxiliary materials are composed of window cherry, tent ring, ribbon, lace, window placket interlining and so on. Accessories include side hooks, straps, window hooks, window straps, counterweights, etc.

Pay attention to curtains

In terms of material, curtain fabrics are generally natural Cotton, rayon, polyester, acrylic, etc. Cotton fabrics are heat-resistant and hygroscopic. Polyester has light fastness, abrasion resistance, non-ironing property and comfortable hand feeling. Acrylic has good light fastness. Excellent hand feeling, fluffy and warm.

Regarding the color of the pattern, when choosing curtains, it is not advisable to choose a color that is too strong or bright, and the pattern should not be too large, or Too trivial. This kind of curtain feels very beautiful at first glance, but we don’t hang it at home for a day or two, it will accompany us for a long time. After a period of time, such curtains will give people a very noisy feeling, which will make people feel bored and affect people’s mood. So be considerate when purchasing, and don’t be blinded by temporary feelings.

When choosing a color pattern, it is best to stand a little farther away and let the store hang up the fabric to see it in a large area , Many patterns look good in a small area on the ground, but it is another feeling to hang them in a large area. It is recommended that you choose fabrics with elegant colors and simple patterns, so that it is easy to match with the overall style of home decoration and furniture, and will not cause conflicts to affect the decoration effect.

Style matching

European classical home decoration style, generally the hall is spacious and the windows are relatively tall. In this way, the selected curtains should have more texture, such as elegant velvet, silk, jacquard fabric. You can choose hemp fabric with better texture. Colors and patterns should also be as gorgeous and calm as furniture. Warm reds, tans, and golds can all be considered. This type of curtain will also use some accessories. Such as highly decorative window curtains and delicate tassels. All can play a finishing touch. The classical style embodies the beauty of generosity, grandeur and magnificence.

Modern minimalist decoration style curtain collocation and European classical style and modern minimalist style can be said to be the two major decorations of modern homes Style it. Especially young people usually prefer simple decoration style when decorating their houses. For the key point of decoration, home curtains, lace, curtains, tassels, all are removed. For this style, Jianyi chooses more metallic and solid-color fabrics. Or curtains with geometric patterns. You can also choose to mix and match wooden and fabric curtains. This makes it more personal.

The above is some knowledge about the purchase of curtains. I have my own answer.

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