What color curtains are suitable for yellow walls? Taboo in the choice of home curtain color?

There are more and more types of curtains to meet our various needs, but now the role of family curtains in our lives is to decorate the home. Although they can protect privacy, curtains The matching is also very important. Not every type of curtain can be used. Let me introduce to you what color curtains are suitable for yellow walls and the taboos for choosing the color of family curtains?

1. What color curtains are suitable for yellow walls

1. Living room Warm tones are used for curtains, and cool tones such as purple are not suitable.

2. If the light in the living room is strong, you can use brownish-yellow fabrics; if the light is dark, you can use light orange-yellow fabrics; if the room is large, you can use large flower patterns; if the room is small, you can use fabrics with small flower patterns


3. If the space is not high, you can also use striped fabrics to visually increase the height of the room.

4. The color of the wall is light lemon yellow, which is matched with light brown to avoid visual fatigue. In this way, the color of the whole room is coordinated.

Second, the taboo of family curtain color selection

1. Avoid similar tones. Curtains, walls and furniture should try to avoid similar tones. Yellow tones, and the curtains are also beige and apricot yellow, which seem harmonious, but in fact, after staying in such a color-matched room for a long time, it is inevitable to feel “dizzy” psychologically; it is also like the light lake-colored walls, using medium green curtains , although the color is uniform, it gives people a cold feeling.

2. Do not choose long curtains in small bedrooms. Floor-to-ceiling long curtains can create a quiet and warm atmosphere; but in smaller rooms, small windows tend to reduce sunlight, so choosing is easy to let a lot of The light coming through the shutters is advisable.

3. Use cloth curtains in large rooms. In larger rooms, use cloth curtains; cloth curtains help sleep and block the bad influence of the outside world; Both can be nerve-wracking and difficult to relax in, but the downside can be minimized if you hang heavy fabric curtains on the windows.

4. The restaurant is suitable for white curtains. The restaurant is suitable for white curtains. Avoid gray, mustard yellow, purple or turquoise, because it will be off-putting. If you’re on a diet, go blue, green or gray.

5. Screen windows to resolve “light evil” If the window is facing a glass curtain wall building, the glass curtain wall will reflect sunlight into the house, forming a “light evil”, which makes people emotionally unstable If there are problems, you can install gauze curtains and keep the curtains down until sunset, because the glass curtain wall building only serves as a mirror after sunset, and there is no evil spirit; if there are neon light tubes outside the windows, the curtains will be drawn day and night.

6. Wooden shutters block evil spirits. If the windows are facing the hospital or sharp corners, unclean objects, etc., and they are very close, wooden shutters should be installed on the windows to prevent evil spirits from entering, and try to It is advisable to open less.

7. Simplicity is good for harmony. Too heavy curtains will reduce family reunion, and gorgeous patterns will have rare visitors. Simple and plain patterns or patterns are the best choice for home window decorations.

I hope that all the knowledge about what color curtains are suitable for yellow walls and the taboos in choosing the color of family curtains can be helpful to everyone. The choice of curtains must be matched according to the wall of the home, and you must not choose it casually, otherwise it will bring some troubles to the decoration of your home. Hope the above article can help you.

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