What is the measurement method for home decoration curtains?

There are many types of curtains, such as Roman blinds, Venetian blinds, roller blinds, etc. According to different installation methods, the size of curtains also has certain differences. Therefore, we also need to understand the measurement method of home decoration curtains, so as to avoid measurement errors by merchants. How much do you know about “what is the measurement method for home decoration curtains? How to measure the size of home decoration curtains?” If you don’t know, then let’s listen to the introduction of professionals.

What is the measurement method for home decoration curtains?

1. Install ordinary rails

Just put 20cm on both sides based on the net size of the window, so that when your curtains are opened, the light from the window will not be blocked.

2. To install decorative curtain rods

need to place 25-30 cm on both sides of the net size of the window. Generally, decorative rods have 5-10 cm decorative heads. The decorative pole installed in this way is good-looking.

3. Measurement method of installing curtains on the entire wall:

If you like to install curtains on the entire wall, after measuring the actual net width of the wall, the ordinary track should be on the net size The two sides are reduced by 2 cm, which is convenient for installation and future track maintenance. The decorative curtain rod should be reduced by 10 cm on both sides of the net size of the wall, so that there is a proper space between the decorative head and the wall on the side, which is more beautiful.

4. Measurement of curved windows and balconies:

Generally curved windows and balconies are installed with random curved tracks. When measuring, just place a soft tape along the window Or the radian of the balcony to measure the actual size, and then determine the actual length of the track according to the actual installation needs of the curtain.

5. Installation measurement method of L-shaped and three-sided bay windows:

Both L-shaped windows and bay windows (bay windows) need to be installed with random curved tracks, and the measurement of bendable rails is actually It is very convenient, as long as you add the linear dimensions of the sides where the curtains need to be installed, it is the length of the curved track you need. In the measurement, do not measure according to the imagined curvature, just measure completely according to the straight line.

6. Measurement method of Roman blinds, roller blinds, and venetian blinds:

Pay attention to the size and measurement method when installing, just like tailoring clothes to fit the curtains. Make your home more comfortable and warm.

How to measure the size of home decoration curtains?

(1) Measure the size

Width: Note that the size here is not the window The width, but the width that the curtain covers. This width is consistent with the curtain box and Roman pole. Generally, it is based on the width of the window, and the two sides extend from 20 cm to 30 cm. It can also cover the entire wall according to preference.

Height: The specific measurement method is shown in the figure, and the upper and lower dimensions need to be reserved according to personal needs.

(2) Determine the size of the curtains

To accurately estimate the amount of curtains, you must first understand the size of the curtains on the market:

Big width: general Mostly 2.8-2.9 meters

The market is commonly known as “set the height and buy the width”, the height is determined, and the amount can be calculated by calculating the width of the curtain. It is recommended that you use it in a large window area with a high height such as the living room balcony bedroom.

Small door width: generally 1.4-1.45 meters

It is commonly known in the market as “fixed width to buy height”. It is recommended to buy a small door width if you use Roman blinds or small windows. It is more cost-effective. The width of the curtain has been determined, and the amount can be calculated by calculating the number and height of the curtain.

(3) Calculating the amount of curtains

Calculation method for large width curtains:

Meters of consumption = width of curtains * fold times + hem on both sides (folds Multiple: Since the curtain must be pleated, the width needs to be multiplied by the pleat multiple. Generally, the pleat multiple is 2, that is, for a curtain with a width of 1 meter, 2 meters of fabric must be used, plus an additional 0.2 fabric hem Meters are enough)

For example: the width of your curtains is 3.2 meters (note that this width is not the window width, but the length of the track), and the height is 2.4 meters. (The fold times are calculated as 2, and the folds on both sides are 10 cm.)

Then the amount of meters=3.2*2+0.2=6.6 meters

Calculation method for small door width curtains:

The number of meters used = (the height of the curtain + the number of meters of the upper and lower sides) * the number of frames

the number of frames = (the width of the curtain * 2 times the pleats) / the width of the door

What is the measurement method of home decoration curtains? How to measure the size of home decoration curtains? After the introduction of the above article, I believe everyone understands clearly now. The method of curtain measurement seems complicated, but in fact it is very simple in practice. So everyone should be careful when measuring the curtains. What I want to remind everyone is that there will be some misunderstandings in the measurement of curtains more or less, so don’t pay too much attention to it.

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