What are the materials of sound-absorbing curtains? Which material is the best for soundproof curtains?

Has the fast-paced urban life during the day exhausted everyone physically and mentally? At night, you want to have a good rest but you are in a busy city? The soundproof curtains are easy to install and do not take up extra space. It may be a good choice to have a quiet environment in a messy home arrangement. Many consumers are buying soundproof curtains for the first time, and they don’t know how to choose from the dazzling array of products on the market. Today let’s take a look at what are the materials of sound-absorbing curtains and what kind of material is the sound-insulating curtain.

In terms of material, soundproof curtains can be divided into four types: flocking material, fiber material, glass material, canvas curtain and cotton. kind.

Flocking material curtains: Flocking refers to the short fibers with a length of 0.03cm-0.5cm, which are vertically fixed on the substrate with adhesive. Softer and smoother, it can absorb a little more noise and has an excellent sound-absorbing effect. The flocking material is made of environmentally friendly materials, does not contain formaldehyde, and is soft to the touch, safe and effective. It is a very popular soundproof curtain material on the market. Because there are fine fluff on the curtain fabric, the sound absorption effect is better. The soundproof curtain fabric we often say mainly refers to the curtain fabric of this material.

Chenille Curtains: Chenille curtains are made of chenille fabric. This kind of chenille fabric is made by bonding short fibers and filaments of different strengths and strengths, of which chenille yarn accounts for 70%-75%, retaining the beauty and soft touch of chenille yarn, high-grade It is luxurious and has a good decorative effect; because the curtain composition contains short fibers of different fineness and strength, the short fibers can achieve good sound absorption and sound insulation effects. The sound insulation effect of chenille soundproof curtain fabric is slightly worse than that of flocking soundproof curtain fabric, but better than canvas soundproof curtain fabric.

Fiber material: Compared with the curtains of the previous two materials, the sound insulation effect of fiber curtains is slightly inferior. Although the fiber curtains are relatively thick and can play a better role in blocking light, the fiber curtains themselves have many pores and the surface is not smooth enough, so they can neither effectively absorb noise nor reflect sound waves back.

Canvas curtains: Compared with flocking curtain fabrics, the sound insulation curtain fabric of canvas is worse in sound insulation effect, but because of its thick texture, the sound insulation effect is also good. Can meet the general noise environment. Canvas soundproof curtains have a certain mitigation effect on noise.

Finally, the editor reminds everyone: Sound-proof curtains are simply better than ordinary curtains in terms of sound insulation. Generally, bedrooms with sound-proof curtains can increase the sound insulation by as much as 8-12 decibels. Therefore, the effect of soundproof curtains is still very significant, but if you want to pursue a completely noise-free environment, it is impossible to rely solely on soundproof curtains. It is suggested that if the home is close to the noisy traffic environment, you can consider installing double glazing and adding soundproof curtains, the effect should be much better.

The above content about what are the materials of sound-absorbing curtains and which material is good for sound-proof curtains is here.

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