You have to listen to the old man’s words, don’t hang these colored curtains at home, it will affect your sleep!

I believe everyone is familiar with curtains, which are indispensable soft decorations at home. Hanging curtains at home can play a role in shading and protecting privacy. In addition, curtains of different colors and patterns can bring different moods to people. You must listen to the words of the elderly. Don’t hang curtains of these colors at home, which will affect sleep! Let’s find out together.

What colors of curtains cannot be hung?

If we choose a darker color for the curtains in the bedroom, it will make people feel depressed, such as black, dark blue and other colors. You can’t see it in a short period of time. If it takes a long time, you will experience a series of conditions such as emotional instability and bad temper.

There are also cool colors such as dark blue and dark green. After using these colors for a long time, people will lack enthusiasm, and they will not be interested in personnel affairs, and will give others a feeling of being difficult to get along with. Feel.

If you are a couple, don’t choose pink for the indoor curtains. Pink is the color for attracting peach blossoms. Married couples should not need to recruit peach blossoms. If they want to recruit peach blossoms, they are afraid that something will happen. What’s more, apart from the color, there is also the problem of the pattern. For the pattern of curtains, it is actually recommended not to use patterns with allegorical meanings.

If you know a little bit, you can choose a pattern that suits your home and your personality. If you don’t understand, then the pattern without meaning is the safest, otherwise, if you think it is a good meaning, maybe it is not.

There are also very weird and very uncommon patterns, which are not recommended. If you can make yourself feel weird at a glance, don’t take the curtains home because of curiosity or other reasons Yes, after all, one thing more is worse than one thing less.

So what pattern curtain should you choose? It’s actually very simple, just choose what you like. Choose what you like when the pattern is not weird or different. For example, younger people can choose lighter colors, and simple patterns are smaller and fresher; for mature people, they can choose darker colors. The pattern is relatively small and thin, full of details.

What are the precautions for hanging curtains?

1. Avoid the same color

The color of the curtains should not be too close to the color of the wall, as well as the color of the furniture and furnishings. “Too much is not enough”, which leads to extreme fortune in a certain aspect, and in the end, good luck becomes a disaster.

So, the color of the curtains contrasts with the color of the wall and the color of the furniture. For example, choose a light-colored bed curtain for a dark wall. Color difference can reduce the monotony of the house, alleviate the psychological anxiety (too dark) or loneliness (too light), and balance the yin and yang in the living room, reducing accidents in life.

2. Avoid too bright and too dark

Bed curtains are closely related to lighting. There is a very serious problem in modern buildings called “light evil”. For example, the living room is facing a building, and the floor is equipped with reflective glass, which will gather and refract the light to your room. Then it will affect your popularity and career advancement.

The power of “light evil” can be different, and the small one can be resolved by hanging a cinnabar gourd. For example, there is a family opposite, and you feel that the light from the opposite window has affected you Just hang a small cinnabar gourd on the window.

Large light evil, for example, there is a building with reflective glass opposite your house, so you have to rely on curtains. Choose yellow or red bed curtains, which should be thicker, so as to adjust the strong light into soft astigmatism, which is warm and not dazzling, which is good. An environment that is too dark affects wealth luck. The God of Wealth does not enter a dark room. If the lighting is not good, wealth will not flourish. At this time, it is better to choose white or beige thin curtains, and it is also equipped with Pixiu to increase the speed of the house’s absorption of wealth.

3. Twill patterns

Curtains with twill patterns are not good for health. Curtains with horizontal patterns can easily make people anxious or emotional ups and downs. , should be avoided.

4. If the patterns on the curtains are cactus, morning glory and other vines or thorny plants, it is very unlucky. It will cause entanglements and obstacles in interpersonal relationships, and lead to bad fortune. Curtains painted with patterns such as peonies will bring good luck to the people who live there.

I will introduce the knowledge about the choice of curtain color here. The choice of curtains is so important, so don’t be too Be too casual, especially the curtains in the bedroom, use warm and fresh colors, which will not affect people’s mental state, and it would be better if they help sleep. I hope that the knowledge I have summarized can help you.

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