What are the fabrics of the curtains? How to choose the right curtains?

Basically every household now needs to use curtains, because the sun is very glaring during the day, and pulling the curtains at this time can play a role in shading. It is transparent glass, so when you sleep at night, you can also protect your privacy from being violated by closing the curtains. There are many kinds of fabrics for curtains, but many people don’t know how to choose. So what are the fabrics for curtains? How to choose the right curtains?

What are the fabrics for the curtains?

1. Cotton and linen fabric

Most of the curtains in the house are made of this kind of cotton and linen fabric. It matters a lot. Cotton and linen curtains are very breathable and have a good moisture absorption effect. Therefore, there will be no moldy curtains during use. Moreover, the appearance of curtains made of this material is more natural, suitable for various types of home use.

2. Flannel

Compared with the above fabric, the curtain texture of flannelette is thicker, and the drape is also very strong. The velvet curtains that can be seen, the whole style and fabric tend to be heavy, which has a relatively strong Chinese style. At the same time, the flannelette curtains are treated with dyes and fibers, so the color fixing effect is better and it is not easy to fade.

3. Polyester fabric

Polyester is a common curtain material nowadays. The surface is very smooth and the gloss is relatively high, which is a bit similar to silk. However, the quality of polyester is different from that of silk, which has a good waterproof effect and is more durable. It is precisely because of the good waterproof effect that it can be seen that the air permeability and moisture absorption are not very good.

How to choose the right curtains?

1. In the design style, we know that there are many types of design styles for curtain fabrics. Curtain fabrics are inextricably linked to these styles and interior design styles. Therefore, the choice of curtain fabric and the design style of curtain fabric are the first requirements. In other words, all factors of curtain fabrics must first match the style of the interior. At this point, you can match it according to the style of the interior, so that the style of the curtain fabric can be adapted to the style of the interior.

2. The curtain fabric function needs to be based on the curtain fabric design style described in the functional requirements, and the thickness of the curtain fabric needs to be selected. Generally speaking, there are two methods:

a. Use a thicker curtain fabric.

b. Use a thicker curtain fabric, and make a layer of gauze curtain inside. As for the curtain fabric style, it needs to consider the actual situation

3. There are many options for choosing curtain fabrics. Here is a brief introduction to the performance characteristics of curtain fabrics:

a. Light, thin, transparent or translucent curtain fabrics, such as cotton, polyester-cotton blended fabric, glass yarn, fine mesh, lace and voile, etc.

b. Medium-thick opaque curtain fabrics, such as fancy weave cotton, nylon and their blended fabrics, scrims; slippery curtain fabrics.

Have you learned what fabrics are used for curtains? How to choose the right curtains? After these questions, I believe that everyone is already very clear about the fabric of the curtains. Next, you can choose curtains according to some methods mentioned in the article. You can’t just blindly pursue good looks and beauty. We also need to care about the problem of easy cleaning. There are many factors to consider when buying curtains.

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