Do you still use Roman rods for the decoration curtains? The master tells you that this is popular now!

Now when everyone is decorating, the basis of soft decoration is to rely on the main accessories to achieve the decorative effect, and curtains, as an important part of soft decoration, can not only Blocking the sun, protecting privacy, and improving the overall decorative effect, but when installing curtains, should we choose Roman poles or track poles? Roman poles are about to be eliminated for decoration curtains. The old master tells you that now Popular track rod!

Roman rod is a kind of horizontal rod for hanging curtains. The two sides are gourd-shaped, which is named after the shape of ancient Roman buildings. Most of the Roman poles are exposed poles, usually with rings or buckles. The advantage is that it can be applied to windows that do not have a ceiling curtain box in advance. It is more beautiful and generous when exposed, and plays a role It has a certain decorative effect, and the material of the Roman pole is various, including solid wood, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel, and the choice is relatively large.

The disadvantage is that the cost is relatively high. Generally, the Roman pole The rod body of the curtain is in direct contact with the curtain, which may cause friction and become less smooth. The load-bearing capacity of the Roman rod is limited, and the curtains installed generally cannot exceed 3.5 meters. And this type of curtain rod also has a significant The fatal disadvantage is that it is ugly and difficult to integrate into the individual design of the home.

So for this kind of situation , the master suggested that when we decorate our home, we may not use this kind of decoration method anymore, you may as well think about the following method. This method is: the design of track curtain rod + curtain rod cover.

The track curtain rod has many advantages at first. Its volume is not as big as the Roman rod, and it is relatively small and elegant. In addition, it pulls more smoothly and never There will be a stutter like a Roman pole, and another advantage is that some bay windows or corner windows, the track poles are also completely suitable, ordinary Roman poles cannot be made into a turning state, so This is the strength of the track pole.

The track pole is not limited by the area of the house, and can be more The track moves, so there is no limit to the length. And the price is relatively cheap in the market, more cost-effective, and the service life is longer. If the windows at home are irregular, the track rod can be bent to different degrees, The applicability is very strong.

Some friends may think that the effect of this is not very good, so we can When decorating, ask the decorator to make a curtain cover, so that the curtain rod can be hidden If you look at it from above, you will not see its existence, and it is suitable for the decoration style of every family.

After reading the analysis, do you now have a deeper understanding of Roman poles and track poles? Woolen cloth? So when you install the curtains, you must choose the right installation method!

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