What are the curtain styles? What are the tips for choosing curtains?

People need to focus on choosing good curtains for the bedroom. The bedroom is the main space for people to rest and needs to be quiet and secluded. At this time, curtains can bring quietness to people because they can play the role of sound insulation; at the same time, curtains can block sunlight and other light, and greatly improve people’s sleep quality. In the end, what are the styles of curtains? What are the tips for choosing curtains?

What are the curtain styles?

1. Flat pull type

This is the most common curtain style, but it is relatively simple, can be hung and pulled, and is suitable for most windows .

2. Cushion type

This style of curtain can form a soft arc whether it is lifted to one side or to both sides, so it is very beautiful. If a bow is tied in the middle of the curtain, it will be more tidy and beautiful.

3. Lintel curtain style

This style is more complicated, and the installation is more troublesome than the previous two, but the decorative effect is very good.

4. Lifting curtain

This is also called a blind, which can rise or fall according to the intensity of the light, neither affecting lighting nor shading. However, it is suitable for windows with a width of less than 1.5 meters.

What are the tips for choosing curtains?

1. There are many accessories added to the curtain, such as: lace, drapes, cloth belts, lead wires, hooks, hanging balls, straps… From a practical point of view, in addition to There are must-haves like cloth belts, and optional accessories like pendants or lead wires. Many others are flashy and cumbersome, and they are also the main profit points of curtain merchants. Therefore, it can be considered to omit appropriately.

2. The lace of the curtain. Careful people will find that there are few curtains displayed in curtain stores without lace. If you see lace for the first time, you will definitely think it looks good, but I will tell you responsibly again: lace is the most likely additional product to cause “aesthetic fatigue”. Lace won’t serve any purpose in later life other than adding load to your home’s washing machine.

3. Cloth curtains are generally divided into two selling methods: “buy width by fixed height” and “buy height by fixed width”. When people buy their favorite curtains, they should first ask the merchants What kind of selling method. For example: for the same 30 yuan/long meter curtain, “buy the width at a fixed height” saves more rice than “buy the height at a fixed width”.

4. Bamboo roller blinds and picture roller blinds are often used on windows with window sills. Their prices are mainly determined by the quality of the bamboo art and the picture. There are only two factories in Beijing for these two types of roller blinds, and the competition is not too fierce. When purchasing, it is also necessary to communicate with the merchant in advance about the surcharge. For example, the decorative edge on the bamboo roller blind, the roller shutter rod of the painting roller blind, etc. are all charged separately.

What are the styles of curtains? What are the tips for choosing curtains? When buying curtains, you can buy flat curtains that are suitable for the needs of the public, you can buy lift curtains with bows, or you can buy lift curtains that can be flexibly raised and lowered. When people buy curtains, they need to look at the relevant accessories and craftsmanship, and see if they need to add accessories such as tassels or hanging balls according to the actual situation.

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