Don’t buy curtains randomly at home, rich people choose this way, it is a metaphor for prosperity and luck!

A man depends on clothes, a horse depends on a saddle. Curtains are the “clothes” of the house. Choosing suitable and satisfying curtains is like owning good-looking clothes, and the mood of the whole person has improved! Every time I am envious of other people’s curtains, how can I choose the curtains that I am satisfied with? Today, I will share some points that need to be paid attention to when purchasing curtains.

The thickness of the fabric should be determined according to the orientation of the window

The window The orientation is different, and the thickness of the curtain cloth is also different. If it is facing south, the light is relatively sufficient, and the fabric can be made of tulle, thin cotton or silk. If it is facing north, the curtain fabric should be thicker and the color should be warm.

Because the windows face north and there is insufficient lighting, the room will be colder, and warm colors can increase the temperature of the room. If it is a window facing east or west, it is necessary to choose a sunshade curtain. When the sun is strong, the curtain can be drawn to block the glare, and when the sun is not too strong, the curtain can be opened to keep the room’s shade brightness.

Second, the style of curtains should be selected according to the style of the window

The types of windows are different, and the natural curtains also need to be matched in different styles. For horizontal windows, it is better to use floor-to-ceiling curtains. Viewing windows are usually equipped with large glass, large area, and a lot of cloth. It is necessary to use heavy-duty curtain rails with mechanical equipment such as pull ropes.

The huge bay window can use floor-to-ceiling curtains composed of several separate curtains. Between the windows, each curtain is tied separately, and the continuous curtain boxes are used to connect the curtains into a whole. If the bay window is small or curved, it can be decorated as a whole, using a double curtain, each can be completely drawn to both ends of the window.

Third, distinguish the two ways to buy curtains

Usually come It is said that the two ways of selling curtains are buying width at a fixed height and buying height at a fixed width. When purchasing curtains, ask the merchant to know which method of selling it is. For the same 30m/long meter curtain, it is more economical to buy the width at a fixed height than to buy a height with a fixed width. Moreover, when buying a height with a fixed width, it is unavoidable that the junction looks very ugly, so it is recommended to buy a width with a fixed height.

Pay attention to the small details of the curtains

1. After deciding to order the curtains, pay attention After-sales service (color difference, shrinkage, fabric quality, etc.);

2. Curtains are divided into pleats and non-pleats. Choose curtains with pleats, and pay attention to the pleat ratio of the curtain (generally: window width times 1 .5 times is flat folds, window width times 2 is wave folds);

3. In addition to paying attention to the fabric of the curtain itself, it is also necessary to check the quality of small components such as window screens, curtain heads, curtain tracks, and curtain hooks quality.

But any good design must be set off by perfect curtains. Curtains can make the interior warmer and more flexible. With the indoor color and layout, the role of curtains should not be underestimated. If the color of the home is hard and cold, then choose a warmer curtain color, and the choice of pattern is also based on atmosphere. This is the relevant introduction on how to choose curtains above. Hope it helps you.

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