Types of roller blinds and must-see installation skills

Roller curtains are favored by the majority of owners because of their beautiful appearance and relatively firm structure. What types are there? How to install roller blinds after purchasing them? let’s figure it out together!

1. Types of roller blinds

1. Sunshine fabric: The common fabric is polyester plus PVC, which is woven by a special method , there are pinhole-like small eyes on the fabric, named because part of the sun can transmit light through the fabric, also known as the see-through fabric, suitable for general office places, the light-transmitting sun fabric roller blinds can see the outdoor scenery, and can Effectively block ultraviolet rays, widely used in office environment. Due to the particularity of the fabric material, it is generally fire-resistant and flame-retardant fabric.

2. Semi-shading fabric: It can block the eyes, so you can’t see the scenes of indoor and outdoor people, but there is light. It is the most common semi-shading fabric, which can effectively block ultraviolet rays, but its light transmission is slightly worse than that of sunlight fabrics.

3. Full shading fabric: It can be divided into white coating full shading, silver coating full shading, non-coating full shading and so on. It is suitable for places with strong sunlight, or environments that require complete darkness, such as bedrooms, film and television conference rooms, and windows facing the street to the west. Due to the good shading and heat insulation effect of its material itself, it is also one of the most common choices for office curtains.

Roller blinds have launched anti-ultraviolet roller blinds, waterproof roller blinds, and easy-to-decontaminate engineering roller blind fabrics, which you can choose freely.

Second, the reference price of roller blinds

With different materials, the prices of roller blinds are also different. According to the editor’s understanding, the price of sunny fabrics is about 102 yuan per square meter, that of semi-shading fabrics is 139 yuan per square meter, and that of full-shading fabrics is 169 yuan per square meter.

3. Installation steps of roller blinds

1. Install roller blind accessories

Determine the left and right direction of the head and the pull bead In the vertical direction, the head is interchangeable on the left and right, and the head can be installed according to the owner’s preference or the convenience of home placement. The bead head can be rotated, corresponding to the lifting after side loading and top loading respectively.

2. Head installation

There are two ways to install the head, corresponding to two installation schemes.

3. Exterior

Comparing the finished product with the window, after finding a suitable position, mark the position of the head screw on the window frame or wall, and tighten the left and right head screws with screws on the window frame or wall, and flip open the swivel module on the stopper without the bead.

4. Interior

Put the finished roller blind in the window frame. After finding a suitable position, mark the position of the head screws on the top of the window frame, and use the screws to connect the left and right head screws. They are respectively locked on the inner top of the window frame, and the rotatable modules on the head without pull beads are lifted.

5. Installing the track

First put the right end of the upper rail into the head with pull beads, and then put the left end of the upper rail into the head without pull beads. Buckle the opened rotatable module and confirm that the roller blind will not fall or move easily, then the installation is complete. Gently pull down the bead curtain on the front side, and the roller blind will automatically rise. Pull down the bead curtain on the rear side to control the descent of the roller blind.

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