Tips for matching curtains with floors

As people pay more and more attention to visual effects today, what do people think about the matching of curtains and floors in home decoration? There are many choices for dark floors and curtains, whether it is dark or Light colors can be matched with different styles. Today, the editor will take you to see all kinds of dark floors with curtains. Make your home different.

How to match dark floor with curtains

1. Northern European style Curtains, the patterns on the curtains are fresh and full of life. The curtains are heavier in texture, thick to the touch, and strong in texture. Similar to many IKEA-style curtains, this curtain is suitable for a fresh and simple home style.

2. Blue and white has always been an excellent interpretation of freshness and brilliance. This curtain has a simple pattern, and simple white spots cover the entire blue curtain. The entire curtain is brightly colored, fresh and translucent, and is definitely a good summer home decoration.

3. Fresh blue waves adorn the entire white curtain, and the curtain head is simply decorated to create a fresh Korean style. This curtain is placed in the summer home, so it is clear and transparent, so it goes without saying.

How to match light-colored floors with curtains

1. The curtains mainly choose warm-colored brown-yellow striped curtains to create a simple but not monotonous atmosphere , Through the embellishment of murals and sofa pillows, the space of the entire living room is enriched.

2. The bricks and walls of the living room are beige, and the curtains should be yellow. It is a very warm living room. The striped sofa is fresh and practical. The whole small living room looks bright and comfortable.

3. The decoration of the living room is based on modern and simple decoration, with light-colored curtains and murals on the walls. The entire living room space is refreshing and pleasant. Because the walls are white, in order to avoid excessive monotony in the living room, green potted plants make the living room full of vitality.

Skills for matching curtains and floors

From the perspective of curtain color, dark curtains look solemn and generous; The curtain fabric is better, which can create a solemn, concise, generous and bright visual effect. The color of the curtains in the living room is best selected from the sofa pattern. For example, the white Italian sofa is often decorated with pink and green patterns, and the curtains may wish to use pink or green fabrics to echo each other. If the indoor tone is soft, and in order to make the curtains more decorative, you can use strong contrast techniques, such as hanging blue-purple curtains on the goose-yellow walls; on the contrary, if there are brightly colored landscape paintings in the living room, or other colorful Decorations, furniture, etc., the curtains should be more elegant. Viewing windows with a large area of glass should use Roman blinds. Roman blinds have two major advantages: one is that they use less cloth, and the other is that the curtains are stacked when they are closed, which is full of three-dimensionality and saves space. Using the method of splicing Roman blinds, the decoration effect is very good, and it is very coordinated with modern or continental decoration styles.

The matching of curtains is not as difficult as you think, as long as you pay more attention, it is still very easy. The above is the relevant introduction that Xiaobian brings to you today, and I hope it can be helpful to you.

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