Do not hang this kind of curtains in the living room decoration, rich people know that it will affect the fortune of wealth!

Buying a house is a major event in life. We must learn to learn from the experience of others. The same is true for decoration. If you want to go smoothly, you must be careful at every step. It not only affects whether you live smoothly, but also directly affects the safety of your family members. Do not hang such curtains when decorating the living room. Rich people know that , Affect wealth!

Taboo for purchasing living room curtains

1. Choose according to the seating direction of the living room: East-facing windows give people a sense of warmth, and you can choose organ curtains and silky curtains with strong light transmission. For south-facing and west-sloping windows, where the light is hot, you should choose vertical curtains, organ curtains or pleated curtains with light-shielding functions. North-facing windows, the light is not good, you can choose light-colored curtains to expand the space.

2. No matter what pattern of curtains you choose, you should master the principles of clarity and elegance. Pay attention to the coordination with the interior, and combine lighting and other elements to enhance the overall sense of cohesion.

3. Bright colors will make a small space appear larger. The color should be matched properly, if the color is too mixed, it will give people a messy feeling.

4. The dark north-facing room is suitable for neutral and cool tones with an elegant atmosphere. In a sunny room with better lighting, you can choose to hang millet red or yellow curtains, so that the strong light can be adjusted into soft astigmatism, and the people in the living room will not be exposed to strong light.

5. Generally, do not choose pink for curtains, as it will cause brain neurasthenia, panic, restlessness, and easy temper tantrums. Using this kind of curtains is easy to cause quarrels.

6. The color of the curtains and the ground should avoid the color matching of red and green, blue and orange, red and blue, yellow and purple. These color matching will produce a bad psychological feeling.

7. There will be some trendy and alternative patterns on some curtains. Although it caters to the curiosity-seeking psychology of young people, it is unlucky in the world. For example, skulls, dolls with weird shapes, ferocious animals and other patterns, these strange patterns should not be used, so as not to have an adverse effect on the owner.

What should be paid attention to when choosing curtains in the living room

1. General principles


As a soft decoration, curtains play an extraordinary role. The style should be dignified, and the color should not be too fancy. Generally, it should be spacious and bright. Curtain styles are becoming more and more abundant. As long as you grasp the principles of curtains, it is not difficult to find suitable curtains.

2. Color selection

According to the decoration style, choose the corresponding color. For example: dark curtains give people a solemn and atmospheric visual effect; light-colored fabrics are better, which can create a fresh, comfortable, simple and warm feeling. The curtain color can be selected to match the sofa. For example: a white Italian sofa, might as well use pink or green fabrics.

3. Material selection

If you want to create a cool home environment in summer, it is recommended to use soft fabrics; if you want to create a luxurious and atmospheric home environment, it is recommended to use silk fabrics , Different materials have their own advantages.

4. Design and color pattern

The design and color should be coordinated with the living room, which can be determined according to the overall decoration style of the living room.

What are the materials of the curtains?

1. Linen curtains

Linen curtains are not unfamiliar to many friends. It is a relatively environmentally friendly curtain. It can show a kind of back-to-basics charm. Although it does not have too much modification, it can be loved by many customers.

2. Blended curtains

The overall design of blended curtains is casual and natural, just like the uninhibited and beating colors in the city, enjoying a leisurely comfort. Blended materials are more common in Curtains designed in Nordic style and minimalist style can fully interpret the fashion of a cool-toned furniture style.

3. Light gauze

The living room curtains made of light gauze have better light transmission. When we consider the curtains made of gauze material, we will consider buying two layers of curtains. The curtain fabric made of gauze material is soft and comfortable, and the drape is also very good. It has good ventilation characteristics. The curtains can be lowered.

4. Silk

Many friends who have high standards for living room curtain design will choose silk curtains. The curtains of this kind of material are exquisite and elegant, and the touch is very delicate, and the color is fast The temperature is good, and there is no stimulation at the same time, which is in line with the concept of environmental protection design. At the same time, silk curtains are not easy to be contaminated with dust, etc., and it is more convenient for daily cleaning.

5. Polyester-cotton

Polyester-cotton living room curtains seem to be one of the current popular items. It has won the love and favor of many customers. The living room made of polyester-cotton material is not easy to shrink, and it is washable and durable. As long as you can grasp the correct use method, it can still be bright as new after long-term use, and the curtains designed in Nordic style often Use polyester cotton material to set off the texture of the window designed in Nordic style.

The above is the introduction of how to choose living room curtains and the relevant knowledge about the precautions for purchasing living room curtains. I hope everyone can choose beautiful curtains to decorate their living room. For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website, and more exciting content will be presented in the future.

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