The bedroom curtains should be chosen this way? Just change the curtains when you get home

Every collocation in the bedroom is indispensable, and the curtains in the bedroom must also be carefully selected. It can not only block the line of sight, but also play a very good aesthetic effect. So, how to choose bedroom curtains? Generally, the curtains in the bedroom should be warm and pleasant. The color of the curtain and the screen window should not have a big contrast. What else should we pay attention to?

Curtain color selection

The color of curtains will affect our sleep quality. The color selection of bedroom curtains should be based on the overall tone of the room, or use the same (similar) color system to The depth is divided into layers, creating a harmonious and quiet home atmosphere, which can relieve people’s tension and make the room more elegant.

Different age groups choose different colors

Young people can choose light green and light blue colors Yes, it is fresher, more natural, and more pleasant. For couples, when choosing the color of bedroom curtains, it is best for both parties to prefer the color. They should also choose different curtain colors according to the changes of the four seasons. A good curtain color can be used in all seasons. It is better to use curtain colors such as white, green, blue, orange and red.

For the bedroom of the elderly, it is suitable to choose a solemn and elegant color, which is more in line with the psychological quality of the elderly. Generally speaking, double-layer curtains are more suitable for the elderly.

The curtains in the children’s room generally have a naive and romantic imagination. In order to meet the growth needs of children, when choosing the color of the curtains in the children’s room, generally choose bright colors Curtains, preferably curtains with cute cartoon patterns, children like it, and it is helpful for his growth.

The curtain style is unified with the home style

The color and style of the curtain are closely related to the main style of the home . The main requirement for curtain selection is to be unified with the main style of the room. The material, color and style of the curtains must match the overall style of the room. When choosing curtain fabrics, you should consider the color and pattern, and also pay attention to the feel, durability and drapability of the fabric. The overall style should match the furniture.

Buy the right size when buying curtains

The reasonable way for people to measure when buying curtains should be to measure the A basic principle of window width and height is to measure from the curtain rod and count the length of the hook, rather than from the upper edge of the window.


It is best to have two layers of curtains in the bedroom

Choose a thicker linen cotton fabric for the outer layer. To block light, dust and noise, and create a good rest environment, the inner layer can be made of transparent or translucent materials such as tulle and lace, which is mainly used to create a romantic atmosphere.

This is how to choose and buy bedroom curtains. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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