What kinds of office blackout curtains are there? Office blackout curtain features?

The office is a place to work. In summer, if the sunlight directly shines on the office, it will be very dazzling and affect our working status. Therefore, in order to avoid this phenomenon, some bosses will I bought some blackout curtains to hang up, but I don’t know what kinds of office blackout curtains are there, and I don’t know the characteristics of office light curtains, so I am very troubled when buying.

What kinds of office blackout curtains are there?

1. Roller blinds: Ease of use and high-quality roller blinds can integrate sunshade, sound insulation, safety and convenience. It is generally divided into two types: manual and automatic. If necessary, it can also be used with manual locks. As long as the lock is locked inside, the curtain will be difficult to open from the outside; , it can play a very good sound insulation effect.

2. Although it cannot achieve sound insulation, it can solve many problems; from the perspective of sunshade, roller blinds are not as effective as heavy cloth curtains. But if it is a roller blind made of material, its anti-ultraviolet effect is also very good. In general, roller blinds are more suitable for use in public areas such as open office areas, training classrooms, and meeting rooms.

3. Venetian blinds: Metal materials have obvious heat insulation effects. Venetian blinds, vertical blinds and bamboo blinds are all masters at controlling light, protecting privacy, ingeniously ventilating and beautifying space. They are different from other curtains that will block all the windows. If you like, you can adjust the light according to your needs to achieve a harmonious and unified indoor environment; because they are relatively light and not a whole, ventilation is relatively simple; these more flexible venetian blinds shape There are many patterns to choose from.

4. It should be noted that not all venetian blinds have heat insulation function. Metal venetian blinds with heat insulating coating and fabric venetian blinds with heat insulating materials usually have quite good performance. insulation effect.

5. Venetian blinds are simple and neat, and are easy to clean daily. They are more suitable for simple office spaces, such as: rest areas, archives, meeting rooms, etc. In addition, magnesium-aluminum alloy venetian blinds have strong waterproof and anti-corrosion functions, and are also easy to take care of. They are most suitable for use in functional spaces such as bathrooms and hotel kitchens.

What are the characteristics of office blackout curtains?

1. Vertical curtains are one of the earliest types of office curtains. The advantages are good air permeability, relatively convenient installation, and simple style. The disadvantage is that the sunshade effect is poor and easy to damage. Not suitable for installation on windows with strong sunlight. Hospital partition curtains and door curtains are slightly more used, but they have been gradually eliminated by 2013.

2. Roller blinds are the mainstream office curtains in 2010. The advantages are rich variety, moderate price, generous and simple, good sunshade performance, and easy installation. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to clean. But in 2012, roller blinds of many kinds of materials also appeared, which are easy to scrub with clean water. By 2012, roller blinds will be divided into three types: bead curtains, spring positioning curtains and electric curtains. And there are different specifications such as ultra-thin, sunshade, and thick. It is mainly divided into two types: full shading and semi-shading, that is, sun roller blinds. It is the best choice for office curtains.

3. Aluminum venetian blinds and wooden venetian blinds are developed on the basis of plastic venetian blinds. The advantages and disadvantages are basically the same as those of plastic venetian blinds. The development of various grades of aluminum venetian blinds is relatively complete. In 2012, it was also widely used in many office places and hotel bathrooms. The advantage is that the aluminum alloy blades are easy to clean, and the disadvantages are that the operating rod and blades are also easy to damage.

4. Opening and closing curtains and cloth curtains are widely used in home user meeting rooms and stage curtains. They have good heat and sound insulation effects, but they are not easy to clean. They are mostly used in hotel rooms and other places. Electric curtains are an inevitable trend in the development of intelligent home furnishing. They can be divided into two types: wired control and wireless remote control. They are easy to operate and require certain technical content for maintenance.

What are the types of blackout curtains in the office? I gave you an introduction to this question. Among them, there are roller blinds and blinds. You can make a choice based on the detailed introduction between them, and see for yourself Which one do you need? At the same time, I will introduce to you the characteristics of office curtains. Vertical curtains have the characteristics of good air permeability and easy installation. Roller blinds have a variety of varieties and moderate prices.

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